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Doctor Who! meet your new TARDIS Armour

Hey, Doctor! If you kind of think about it, The TARDIS is kind of impractical, I mean yeah sure, the whole small-on-the-outside, big-on-the-inside has its uses, though do tell me Whovians, how often do we see the many supposed other rooms that the Tardis has?

Mario + ..? 6 Potential New Genres for Nintendo’s Mascot

Be honest... Who saw this coming? Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is actually an excellent game. It's also the crossover that no-one knew they needed...
tom welling

Some Interesting DC Characters Tom Welling Could Play

I'll be honest, I still haven't finished season one of The Flash, I've never seen Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow, but want to see Supergirl, speaking of which, I reckon Smallville's Tom Welling could be good in one of these shows.
G.I. Joe Cobra Issue 1 Variant

G.I Joe should be a fighting game

Mortal Kombat, Marvel vs. Capcom, Street Fighter, Injustice, Dead or Alive and G.I Joe? You know what I'm on about right? The action figure line...

Android M.. What Dessert Could it be This Time?

Ever since Android 1.6 Google has been naming their Android builds after delicious sweet treats. It began with 'C' with the delicious Cupcake, going through the alphabet up until last year when Android Lollipop was unveiled. Now however with word that at Google I/O this year Google will be discussing Android M, we've taken a few guesses here at n3 to decide what Google might be thinking of next.

What Will Happen to Nintendo?

Climbing ladders and dodging barrels rolling down a ramp was a favourite pastime as a kid for many. Donkey Kong was one of Nintendo's first releases that people remember back in 1981.

Since then, Nintendo have managed to release six consoles and eight versions of handheld consoles selling more than 669 million units in total and over 4.2 billion video games. But is the legacy of Nintendo coming to an end against its competition of today?
danganronpa vr

I Played Danganronpa VR and I Liked it

There are certain things you never knew you wanted, right up until they're thrust right in front of your face. For example, being mocked by a homicidal teddy bear while on trial for murder is not something I'd ever considered experiencing before. Turns out though, it's a blast.

Why I Support YouTube, and You Should Too..

Ok, so there’s been a huge fast burning flame going around the internet (strange for the internet, I know) recently in regards to YouTube...
Gangster Squad and LA Noire

What Game To Play When The Film Has Ended.

We're all here for the same reason, to play video games. We're all different in what we play though, and that's fine. Some people like big title games, some prefer a good indie game. But what we all have in common is that a game can totally capture us and bring the world we're playing in alive. But what about Films and TV Programmes, they too can totally enthrall you. Sometimes so much so you want to relive or reenact what you just watched, so I have decided to come up with a list of games to compliment a TV show/Film or a TV Show/Film to compliment a game, depending at what angle you look at this. So lets get started.
flappy bird ios

I Hate Flappy Bird, But I Can’t Stop Playing It.

It's rare that a game so frustrating will have me wanting to stop work and play it over and over again just to get even more frustrated and close to throwing my phone through the wall. Currently that game is Flappy Bird, a game that seems to have shot to the top of every app store out of nowhere and is filling our social feeds with peoples impossible scores.

Five Rangers I want to see in Power Rangers: Shattered Grid

Power Rangers: Shattered Grid is going to see every Power Ranger since the early 90s team up to fight a bigger threat. So imagine an Avengers movie but with more robots and primary colours.

Red Hood could be DC’s Deadpool-style R-Rated Movie

So yeah, Deadpool was pretty good and has broken a ton of records. This means that all comic book movie studios are going to probably try and replicate that success. So who will be DC's first R-rated superhero? Well, my money is on Red Hood.

Rainbow Six Siege and the Fight for Recognition

'Siege' launched with all kinds of day one issues, and for many the game wasn't what they expected it to be - but that's changing.

I Lost my VR-ginity at Gamescom, and I’m Not Sure What...

Somehow, up until last week I was yet to experience VR. There were no real reasons other than the fact that I'd never really been given the opportunity to do so. That was until last week when I'd scheduled a meeting to try out #SkiJump.

How I Think Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice Came About…

So, I've just gotten in from watching Batman vs. Superman. I've been trying very hard to avoid reviews and spoilers. I've seen the rating it has on Rotten Tomatoes, but that's about it.

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