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What’s Next for Rockstar Games?

It's been 4 months since the launch of Rockstar Games' latest title, Red Dead Redemption 2. As is the norm for the studio, Red Dead Redemption...

I did it! I Read all of the Dragon Ball Z...

I did it, after much stopping and starting I finally finished the Dragon Ball Z Buu Saga, five or six volumes later I know how the original story was going to end. So what did I think all of it?
PlayStation VR

Hands on with PlayStation VR

I’m done. You win games industry. After being on the fence about VR for months I now find myself completely behind VR as both a gaming genre and platform. PlayStation have once again proved to me that VR is a thing and it is going to work wonders for both developers and gamers alike.

Opinion: The Latest Nerdy Movie Teasers, are They Really News-worthy?

We've had a number of comic book movie teasers this week, both from Marvel and DC. But are all of them necessarily newsworthy? Let's take a look at the teasers images Marvel movies have dropped this week and discuss.
Battlestar Toaster 2009

Pre E3 Expectations, what could happen?

I got a little case of writer's block in something else I am writing so I decided that I was going to go for a very tongue in cheek look at what E3 might bring to us, the gaming community. However, I'm not known for being incredibly serious in what I write so hopefully this will bring a little comedy to the Pre-E3 week for you. What are my E3 Expectations
The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts

What Happened to The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts?

One thing I've learned from reading RSS feeds of pretty much every mainstream gaming website is that as soon as a game's release date is upon us a review post goes live. For some reason that didn't happen with Activisions latest game The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts. It's not that review copies weren't sent out because I received word from Activision that there was high demand for the game - so what happened?

My Thoughts on the iPhone 5C

Since the rumours began circulating hinting at a "cheaper" iPhone the Apple fanboy that I thought I had buried deep inside of me started thumping on the coffin. The reason I fell out of love with Apple was due to the blatant disregard for their older handsets, sure they kept them updated for as long as possible but these updates made the older handsets sluggish and impossible to use.

The day my iPhone 3G fell face first on the most uneven driveway I've ever seen was a brilliant day for me, it gave me the chance to try something new this is when I went over to Android and remained there ever since but there's always been an Apple shaped void, be it a small one, it's always been there. Now Apple have announced the iPhone 5C is it the handset I've been looking for?
Viral Videos

Stop Trying to Go Viral.. Please?

One of the most fascinating things about the Internet is its unpredictable nature, it's completely organic, weird and wonderful and that’s why we love it. A video can be plucked out of obscurity one day, tomorrow the entire e-population will be sharing it, 3 months later when it's no longer relevant mainstream media will be talking about it and 6 months later your mum will share it on Facebook.

Have Phones Replaced The Handheld Console?

It'd be fair to say I'm in the 'hell no' camp on this one, maybe that's because my 3DS is never less than a meter away from me but I don't see handheld consoles dying out..well..ever. Laptops didn't kill off desktops, blu-ray didn't murder DVDs and MP3s didn't kill CDs, there is always going to be casualties in the evolution of technology but the handheld console won't be one of them.

New Scientist Live 2018: Anti-Social Media with Paul Bernal

Cyber bullying and anti-social online behaviours have been making headlines more and more recently, with the ever-increasing integration of the internet into our daily lives it's hardly unexpected.
ubuntu edge

Canonical update Ubuntu Edge IndieGoGO but are they clutching at straws?

Canonical's IndieGoGo campaign the absolutely amazing Ubuntu Edge has been running for almost 14 days now. They've currently raised a little over $8,000,000 of their $32,000,000 needed to actually supply the hardware to backers but the funding seems to have plateaued causing Canonical to add more incentives as well as a brand new video introducing the hardware, but is it enough or is the campaign destined to fail - I think it's the latter.

E3 2017 Preview and Predictions: EA

We've made it, we're two days away from kicking off E3 2017 and all of n3rdabl3's coverage of the event. We're ending with EA, who is the publisher with the first press conference of E3 on June 10. Again, visit n3rdabl3.com for the duration of E3 to see all the news from the weekend plus visit twitch.tv/n3rdabl3 and join us for all of the press conferences as we live stream them and chat with you guys. Also, pre and post show analysis for every conference, it'll be fun.

No Man’s Sky’s Abyss Update Brings a New Lease of Life...

If you’re like me, having more games than you can shake a stick at doesn’t really cut it, you can have everything but still find nothing to play. I have come across this issue more times than I can count and it often ends with me buying a cheap indie game to simply fill time before I ultimately go back to Rocket League.
EVO 2016

Why you Should be Watching EVO 2016

Since 2002,  the highest caliber of fighting games have met in Las Vegas to attend the Evolution Championship Series, or Evo. Maintaining a constant...

Opinion: Destiny 2’s Newest DLC is a Giant Disappointment and why...

Honestly, I have found it hard to convince myself that purchasing the Warmind expansion for Destiny 2 would be worth while. After the steaming...

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