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New Scientist Live 2018: Anti-Social Media with Paul Bernal

Cyber bullying and anti-social online behaviours have been making headlines more and more recently, with the ever-increasing integration of the internet into our daily lives it's hardly unexpected.

Pokémon GO – What You Need to Know

Pokémon GO received a pretty massive update that's brought with it a lot of changes and new features, so it seems prudent to give you trainers a few tips and tricks as well as talk about the current state of play.

Micro Transactions in Shadow of War? You Messed up Warner Bros.!

By now I'm sure everyone has heard about Warner Bros.' decision to include micro-transactions in their new upcoming AAA Title, Shadow of War. The issue...
LEGO Marvel Avengers

Why Marvel Comics are so Good for Adaptations

It was just the other day I was thinking about Marvel and video games. It's an interesting fusion of comics and games when you think about it.

Opinion: Do Publishers Need to Start Giving Their Dev Teams More...

Today, I logged into my news feed to see what a new day in the wonderful, diverse world of gaming would bring for me...

People Unhappy About the Oculus Rift Pricing is a Good Thing

For the past 24-hours the Oculus Rift is all anyone in the gaming and tech world has been talking about. Now we have a solid release date and a price, the VR race has begun, but as you may have already seen, it's hit its first hurdle. It's £500 price tag.

How To Run a Successful Kickstarter Campaign.

First off, I'd like to point out that this is just an opinion piece from someone who often browses Kickstarter as a consumer. Most...

Free-to-Play Is It The Way to Go?

It's been reported that Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli aims to have Crytek fully commit to working on and releasing only AAA Free-to-Play titles within two to five years. The idea sounds great to me, with games like Crysis and Far Cry being such huge successes. I wouldn't mind playing the next instalment of Far Cry for free - who wouldn't?

Pornhub Release 2018 Search Statistics

Everyone's favorite NSFW (and SFW) website, Pornhub has released its annual search statistics showing some very interesting trends made it over to that side of the Internet.
HTC First

The Biggest Flop of 2013: The HTC First

Released in April 2013, Facebook launched their own home screen replacement for certain Android handsets which unsurprisingly circulated entirely around the Facebook platform. They also partnered with HTC to release the HTC First, the first handset which had Facebook Home plastered over the top.

A Power Ranger Could Join the Justice League

Some people say the DC movies need a little more colour and what's more colourful than a Power Ranger? Well maybe rainbow Batman stands...
Power Rangers 0

Who Could Replace the Power Rangers?

We can't be that far off a Power Rangers trailer for the movie that's coming out next year, but who could replace those Teenagers with Attitudes if they all got called away to a Peace Conference? Who could pick up those Morphers in their place?
rez infinite 2

Rez Infinite: A Love Letter

Over the years, games come and go. Beloved consoles are replaced by shiny new versions boasting flashy new graphics and updated app support. But in spite of the fast pace at which we consume this oh so special form of media, some experiences just stick with us.
Crytek Logo

Crytek’s Trouble Might Be Their Own Doing

There’s rumours currently circulating around the internet that Crytek might not be in such a hot position. You know the usual lines of an over-abundance of people, projects and games just failing to capture any momentum - critical or commercial - and an engine that is seemingly underused.

Miserable Old Bastard: Fiendish Freemium Gaming and the Demon DLC!

DLC, love it or hate it, it's here to stay! I personally despise it, well most of it anyway. Since it's conception in the womb of a title called The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, disguised as horse armour and priced to make the average, drooling idiot pay for a copy while PC gamers laughed in the faces of a console generation that grabbed at anything they could get.

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