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Who Should Play Captain Marvel?

With Captain Marvel announced and names up in the air over the leading role and the director, who may or may not be Angelina...
Xbox One Headset

I’ve Figured Out How to Use Two Headsets on your Xbox...

Ever wanted to use two headsets on the Xbox One? Well here's how, if you play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that is..

Parallel Politics

How to fix the UK General election with comics!

5 Alternatives to the EE Power Bar to Keep you Charged...

It recently came to light that the "free" Power Bar that one of the UK's biggest networks, EE, is giving away, isn't actually yours to keep after all and that you're ultimately required to hand it back after 18 months. While I personally couldn't give less of a crap about the free-to-hire nature of the offer, many are.

Android M.. What Dessert Could it be This Time?

Ever since Android 1.6 Google has been naming their Android builds after delicious sweet treats. It began with 'C' with the delicious Cupcake, going through the alphabet up until last year when Android Lollipop was unveiled. Now however with word that at Google I/O this year Google will be discussing Android M, we've taken a few guesses here at n3 to decide what Google might be thinking of next.

Lara Croft: Relic Run Preview

Lara Croft. An iconic character in the video gaming world and easily one of the most recognisable pop culture icons out there. Today her...

Sony PS Vita vs. Nintendo 3DS XL Which One Should you...

If you're looking for a decent hand-held gaming system this Christmas but are unsure whether to grab Nintendo's 3DS XL or Sony's PS Vita then this (hopefully) non-biased article will help you decide which one to ask Santa for this Christmas.

The Evolution of the Xbox Dashboard

This post is a refreshed version of a post we created in 2012, also taking a look back at the dashboards of the Xbox...

Here’s Three TMNT Team ups you May Not Have Heard of

A brief summary of three strange TMNT crossovers: Power Rangers in Space, Savage Dragon, and Ghostbusters! Here's something a little strange: three crossovers the Teenage...

So What Could Nintendo’s ‘Codename NX’ Really Be?

Earlier today Nintendo revealed that they were in fact working on a new "dedicated video game system," soon after they revealed a partnership between Japanese mobile gaming giant DeNA, in order to bring Nintendo IP and characters to mobile.

A Brief Thought: What is DC’s Convergence?

So what is DC's Convergence? Why have DC stopped publishing their regular books? Does this mean another reboot? Another Batman origin story? No. Thank goodness....

Josh’s Picks for Free Comic Book Day

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day. It literally does what it says in the title. Go to your local comic stores and pick up...
nintendo splatoon

Splatoon Global Testfire was a Disaster, but was it an Accident?

On Saturday, May 22 at 11PM UK time, the world gathered together to play the final open beta test session for Nintendo's upcoming multiplayer shooter, Splatoon. The previous Testfire had three separate sessions each at times best suited for different regions, but this one was set at a time so many could jump on at the same time. It was a way for Nintendo to really stress test their server, but it all went a little pear shaped.. but was that Nintendo's intention?
apple music

Opinion: Apple Music Will Succeed Regardless Whether it’s Good or not

The thing about Apple products is that they have some sort of heavenly aura about them. No matter what the product is; even if it's a slight improvement over a last generation device, or overall offers little in the way of innovation, the crown will come flocking. Look at the Apple Watch for example. The device is hardly anything to write home about, in fact for what it is it's largely overpriced in comparison to what other smartwatch manufacturers have to offer, even for the basic model. But for some reason people went bat-shit crazy over the device.
LEGO Worlds

LEGO Worlds, is it a Minecraft Killer? Probably Not.

A few days ago Warner Bros. Interactive and LEGO announced and subsequently released LEGO Worlds on Steam as an Early Access title and it's immediately apparent this was released as a competitor and rival to the insanely popular Minecraft has taken the world by storm over the last few years. The big question a lot of people are asking is, will LEGO Worlds kill Minecraft?

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