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Power Rangers

A brief history of the Power Rangers movie

A new comic, an anniversary and more rumours about the new movie. I think it's time we look back.

The Un-Fantastic thing about Marvel Previews

So what was missing from the new Marvel universe? Well let me tell you..
oculus rift

Does VR have a Future or is it a Fad?

So unless you live under a rock you'll be aware there are several Virtual Reality headsets currently in development among many companies in the gaming industry. We have the flagship Oculus Rift who have partnered with Microsoft, Sony's Project Morpheus, Valve is also making SteamVR with HTC, and also Starbreeze's appropriately named StarVR. These are all new VR headsets that have been announced in the past few years and could be a new way of experiencing games in the future. Or perhaps it could be another tombstone in the graveyard of failed peripherals, like Kinect or Playstation Move or anything else that was supposed to enhance the gaming experience.

Interview: Space Ape Games on new Title, Rival Kingdoms

Rival Kingdoms launched last month onto Google Play and the iTunes App Store hoping to bring the traditional strategy element from AAA PC gaming to mobile with the same easy to pick-up functionalities found on similar titles. Space Ape Games, who you'll probably know from the popular Samurai Siege, enlisted the help of acclaimed story writer Rihanna Pratchett and embarked on a journey to bring an epic adventure driven title to mobile.

Who Should Play Captain Marvel?

With Captain Marvel announced and names up in the air over the leading role and the director, who may or may not be Angelina...
habbo hotel

Interview: 15 Years of Habbo Hotel

In the year 2000 a little online chat experienced launched which personally changed my life, that experience was Habbo Hotel, and now it's turning 15 years old. We caught up with Sulake, the creator of the teen-focussed MMO to talk about some of the changes over the years.
Xbox One Headset

I’ve Figured Out How to Use Two Headsets on your Xbox...

Ever wanted to use two headsets on the Xbox One? Well here's how, if you play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that is..
Xbox 360

A Look Back at Xbox 360 Dashboards

The Xbox Dashboard has come a long way since it's release in 2005 and here's a look back through each updated Dash from then...

J-Stars Victory VS+ Character Profile: Ichigo Kurosaki

After a week of covering some of the beginning characters found in the arcade brawler, J-Stars Victory VS+, we're going to finish our character profiles with Bleach's Ichigo Kurosaki. In case you've missed it, all week we've been looking at some of the characters from the game, including Son Goku, Luffy, Naruto, and Toriko, you can check them all out with the links on the names.

Lara Croft: Relic Run Preview

Lara Croft. An iconic character in the video gaming world and easily one of the most recognisable pop culture icons out there. Today her...
Captain America

Prediction: What might happen in Captain America: Civil War

Guess what? I think I may have a rough idea about what may happen during Captain America: Civil War. I reckon what may happen first...

Feature: Funko POP! Vinyls from the Big and Little Screens

If you've been wanting to dive into the world of collecting Funko POP! Vinlys but have no idea where to start, we've decided to take a look at what's happening in the world of gaming and movie releases to see how you can kick-start your collection with something you've probably fallen in love with recently, or something you think you'll be falling in love with.
Doom 4 Helmet

Bethesda’s DOOM Reveal: My Likes, Dislikes and Nitpicks

I've been playing DOOM for quite a bit of my time on this Earth, first firing up the game when I was about 10, and every now and again in the time since I've blasted away the odd demon or two, playing around with the seemingly endless supply of maps and mods from a community that still manages to bring out some great content even today, 21 years after DOOM first released.

Josh’s idea for a Naruto movie

Because sometimes, people write fan fiction on all sorts of different websites.
Plastic cups phone speaker

Top 5 Technology Based Life Hacks

Life hacks are great, they can save you money, they can keep your food fresh, they can fix a host of problems you can face in day to day life and generally make your life that little bit easier...

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