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The Indie Fix

The Indie Fix | Proteus

Hello and welcome to The Indie Fix, where we take a look at some of the most interesting indie games that may have gone under your radar. Today we are going to look at Proteus, not so much a game as a relaxing experience through a strange and musical land. If you're feeling stressed this may well be the game for you.

How to Make Spider-man 3 a Good Movie

Spider-man movies seem to be good again and that's is indeed something to be happy about, though what could've been done to fix Spider-man...

Why Should You Invest in an Email Archiving System for Your...

With more of us working on the move and using our mobiles and tablets to access essential information, email management on mobiles is becoming increasingly important. As we rely on our smartphones to keep us in touch with both our personal and work worlds, so there is a greater need for sophisticated and unified email management systems to keep our messages secure from threats, safely stored for future reference and compliant with corporate regulations. So what's the best way to get peace of mind on email on the move?

E3 2017 Preview and Predictions: EA

We've made it, we're two days away from kicking off E3 2017 and all of n3rdabl3's coverage of the event. We're ending with EA, who is the publisher with the first press conference of E3 on June 10. Again, visit n3rdabl3.com for the duration of E3 to see all the news from the weekend plus visit twitch.tv/n3rdabl3 and join us for all of the press conferences as we live stream them and chat with you guys. Also, pre and post show analysis for every conference, it'll be fun.

Male Gamers Feel Neglected by Gaming Partners, Study Shows

Finding a partner who shares similar interests with you makes a relationship feel stronger. Whether that be sports interests, liking the same music or playing video games, but typically sharing a hobby with someone helps you connect better. Unless you're a male gamer with a partner who also games regularly, according to a new study. It should be noted that the study reflects gamers in the UK.

4 Facts About Spider-man’s Webbing

One of the key traits that Spider-man has, as he leaps from building to building, is his webbing which he uses to whiz around...
Idol Hands Logo

Idol Hands Interview: Play God and Wreak Havoc

This week I had the pleasure to try out Idol Hands. The game, made by Pocket Games and Green Man Gaming, is a strategy...

Why 2004 is the best Year in Gaming

Let's be honest. I don't need to tell you that 2004 is the best year in gaming. The fact half the team at n3rdabl3...

A Brief History of Future Damian Wayne

I don't think I have to worry about spoilers with this one but a couple of months the current Robin sadly bit the dust. Damian Wayne, the son of Batman and Talia Al Ghul (daughter of Ra's) sadly died battling his demented clone in one final hurrah.

What Movies/TV Shows Would Make Fantastic Video Games and Vice Versa?

As our games consoles seem to be moving away slightly from having video games at it's core focus it's had me thinking of ways to merge the two, for some reason I can't get away from movies as video games or even video games as movies, so here are a few movies I think should be made into video games, and some video games I think should be made into movies.
Doctor Who

What got me into Doctor Who

Doctor Who is due go through a huge change this year since they decided to cast the new Doctor as someone who has longer hair than usual.

Pitch: How to Ruin a Sailor Moon Live Action Movie

Ruining your childhood before Hollywood does it is the name of the game and this week, we've got someone having a go at ruining Sailor Moon.

A brief history of The Last: Naruto The Movie

I'm going to tell for the Last time. What's happens in the not so last Naruto movie.
rez infinite 2

Rez Infinite: A Love Letter

Over the years, games come and go. Beloved consoles are replaced by shiny new versions boasting flashy new graphics and updated app support. But in spite of the fast pace at which we consume this oh so special form of media, some experiences just stick with us.

Preview: LEGO Jurassic World

With the drop of the trailer earlier today, it's only appropriate now that you guys get to have a cheeky look deeper into what to expect of Lego's take on Jurassic World.

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