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The Belkin Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station

Advent Calendar Event Day 22 – Belkin Conserve Valet Smart USB...

With more and more devices using USB connections to charge and transfer data I often find my bedside covered in a wig of USB...

Top 10 Nerdy Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner many of you will be wondering how to impress your friends with an outfit that reminds them just how much cooler you are.

Interview: Rebellion on Ten Years with Sniper Elite and the Future

Last month Rebellion Developments announced that the Sniper Elite series had sold over 10 million copies since the franchise launched 10 years ago, that's a pretty major milestone to cross, so we decided to catch up with one of the studio's founders, one of two brothers Jason Kingsley, to discuss the series, and what's in store for the future of Rebellion.

Who would be in the Japanese Justice League?

Part 1 of Warner Bros' Justice League is set to hit next month where DC's premier superhero team will have it's first big screen...

America’s Death Note Casts Another Character…

Okay, so let's recap in case you missed it... For years, Zac Effron was rumored to be American's Light Yagami. It turns out that wasn't...

A brief round of Marvel Top Trumps

Capes and masks and card games? Could this end well? Well let's find out.

AMD Navi is Here to Fight NVIDIA With the Radeon 5700...

Back again, talking about AMD again, because AMD isn't settling for simply gunning for the title of CPU champion -- see more on Ryzen...
splinter cell

Looking Back On Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell has undoubtedly been one of Ubisoft's greater successes, but they went dark on it for a long time, too long...

Why I like Batman Gotham Knight

In the wake of DC announcing a Batman-themed anime movie which mashes up the style of Batman with the style of Afro Samurai, but what if I told you this wasn't the Dark Knights first foray in anime?
Iron Fist

Five Things You Should Know About Iron Fist Comics

What do you need to know about the Kung Fu butt kicker of the Marvel Universe? That he has a fondness for flashing his...

Who are The Inhumans? Here’s what you Need to Know

Marvels Royal Space Family is about to make its first live action debut, but if you find yourself saying, "who are The Inhumans?" Don't worry we've got you covered.

Risk & Reward: A Brief History of Dark Souls

With Dark Souls III on it's way in the west in a few weeks, what better than a look into the infinite depth of the challenging series. A suspicious glance at just how From Software managed to become one of the most lauded developers in recent years due to the risk they took releasing a game that was far removed from our comfort zones in modern age gaming consisting of two minute checkpoints, infinite saves and on-rails action, that it could have failed severely. What is it that has drawn over eight and a half million gamers to launch themselves into the punishing worlds of Dark Souls and slog their way to the end, just to go back and do it all again in new game plus? The answer is simple: Risk equals reward...

Why The Fantastic Four Reboot will Probably be Like The Amazing...

So just a couple hours prior to writing this, I went to see the Amazing Spider-man 2. This won't be a critical examination of...
the indie fix 2

The Indie Fix: Infinity Inc.

Welcome to The Indie Fix, where we delve into the exciting world of indie gaming to have a gander at promising works in progress,...

Why Power Rangers Beast Morphers Should Appear in Shattered Grid

Summer is on the way and Shattered Grid, the Power Rangers comics mega event, is in full swing with Power Rangers from all different eras popping up.

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