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Getting Bored? Get Board!

Getting bored? Get board.

If you, like me, are exceptionally bored of the influx of “tap games”, (ironic given my glowing review of The Simpsons: Tapped Out), or...
Spidy swing

#ThrowbackThursday – Spider-Man 2 (Video Game)

I've chosen this particular game for a number of reasons; It brings back childhood memories like it really was just yesterday, It turns out...

Lifescouts! Earn Badges for the Things You’ve Achieved in Your Life!

Lifescouts is the brain child of YouTuber nerimon (Alex Day) and aside from his crazy hair and dress sense, the things he 'Vlogs' about...
The Indie Fix

The Indie Fix | Forge

Welcome to The Indie Fix! In this brand new column we will be taking a look at Indie games and titles that may have...
solid snake

The History of The Metal Gear Series.

As Metal Gear Rising is due out next month and the fact that we've seen twenty five years of the Metal Gear franchise I...
Kick Ass

Is Kick Ass a Parody of the Superhero Genre?

In my opinion Kick Ass is one of those graphic novels you should probably read. Mostly for it's 'Wow how much realism is there...
Road Rash

#ThrowbackThursday Road Rash

For this weeks #ThrowbackThursday I'm going to re-visit one of the most notorious games of my childhood and that my friends, is Road Rash. This...
Samsung Ultra HD

Is This the Year for 4K / Ultra HD?

CES is well under way and one thing that keeps being mentioned is Ultra HD, which is apparently four times the resolution of your...
Holy cover bag !

How To Get Into Comics

Editors Note: Let me introduce our latest writer Josh Francis, he's our resident comic book nerd and will be supplying you with comic book related columns for...
The Rise of Cloud Gaming

Infographic | The Rise of Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is becoming bigger and more accessible than ever. The infographic above shows just that. But why has it become such a huge...
Nexus Devices

Must have apps for your Nexus tablets!

With the holiday season now gone by those of you who were lucky to get their hands on a Nexus 7, or Nexus 10,...
Top 5 productivity apps for your iPad

Top 5 Productivity Apps for your iPad

A big factor that makes the iPad one of the strongest tablets on the market is the fact it absolutely excels as a workstation,...
Trust: The Cause of Identity Theft

Infographic | Trust: The Cause of Identity Theft

There is nothing wrong with trusting in itself and as long as the person receiving that trust is in fact trustworthy; however, trust the...

Say “Bye-bye” to the Netbook, say “Hello” to the ‘WebTop’.

During the last few years there has been a swarm of new and affordable computers ideal for browsing the web and doing minor computing tasks such...

Ben’s Top 5 Games of 2012!

2012 really was a year for gaming. We had so many amazing releases, and to narrow them all down is an incredibly difficult challenge...

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