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Evolutionary: A Chat With Writer and Filmmaker Oliver Crawford

The new indie series 'Evolutionary' hit London stores recently and represents the culmination of years of work for filmmaker Oliver Crawford. The concept, which first spawned...
prison architect

Interview: Introversion Software on Prison Architect, Early Access, and Escape Mode

If you haven't noticed, Introversion Software have been busy beavering away on their next game for the better part of five years and come October 6, their next game, Prison Architect will officially launch, so we caught up with Chris Delay and Mark Morris to find out how that process has been and what's in store for existing and future players of Prison Architect when it launches next week.

E3 2019: Nintendo Preview and Predictions

It's finally time for the last preview article before we start our live coverage of E3 2019. It's an exciting time. E3 always finds...

MCM Comic-Con London 2017 – A Nerdy Roundup

It's late October and it can actually mean two things, it's Halloween and most importantly it's time for another London MCM Comic Con with plenty on offer for all to enjoy.

Why The Division Movie Might Not Suck

So, it's no secret that Ubisoft have a movie in the works based on The Division. Given the arguable travesty that Assassin's Creed was, people are dubious. I completely understand why. I saw Assassin's Creed (and you can read the review here), it sucked. They took a mediocre concept and bastardised it in the movie.

Nongünz is a Brutal and Nihilistic Platformer

Developed by Brainwash Gang, Nongünz drops the player into a black and white gothic hellscape. To make it through alive, the player must defeat the swath of horrifying creatures standing in their way.

Interview: Jagex Talks Block N Load and the Road to Free-to-Play

At the beginning of this month Jagex' multiplayer block blowing shooter, Block N Load, became free to play, something which to many outside of the game's community, seemed a little out of the blue. But that certainly wasn't the case, in fact, catching up with design director Ben Smedstad and VP of Block N Load, David Solari it seems as if Block N Load was designed with the free-to-play model in mind.
Xbox One Logo

n3 Gift Guide – Xbox One Accessories

With Christmas just around the corner, seriously, you've got like 20-something days until the big S comes bouncing down your chimney, we've decided to compile a little list of accessories for the Xbox One gamer in your life.

Four DC Characters I’d like to see in Krytpon

Krypton premieres on UK TV this Sunday and will follow the adventures of Superman's grandad. Along for the ride on this adventure on Superman's home...

Who would be in the Japanese Justice League?

Part 1 of Warner Bros' Justice League is set to hit next month where DC's premier superhero team will have it's first big screen...

Preview: Mortal Kombat X

It's been 25 years since the events of the last Mortal Kombat game and a whole lot has changed... Since 1992, the Mortal Kombat franchise...
iPhone 5

Jumping ship. My wild jump from Android to iOS.

That’s it. I’ve had it. I took up my wallet and went to the nearest phone shop and make the jump. I was leaving behind the Android handsets and picking up my first iOS device. It was a jump that shocked even the staff of the store. ‘Why?’ they asked. ‘Why jump to iOS?’

Awesome-Con 2017: Interview with Stan Lee

Awesome-Con is kicking off this Friday but until we get there we still have more interviews to share with you from guests of the...
Master of Orion Titles

Reflections on ‘Master of Orion’ and the Role of Strategy UI

'Master of Orion' is a strategy title with one hell of a good UI - it's improved on the Civ system of seeing all, but how? And what is it about Civ's info panels that grind my gears?

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