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The Indie Fix: Ravager

Ravager is an upcoming 2D platformer created by indie developer Horse Beverages Studio that is set to be released sometime in 2017. Just this...
Batman V Superman Movie

Four Ways Superman Could Return in Justice League

We've had the final trailer for Justice League, the team up movie for the DC Extended Universe which sees a bunch of DC heroes...
the indie fix 2

Indie Fix: Once Upon a Coma

Once Upon a Coma is an artistic indie platformer in which you play as a boy who has to tackle an unfriendly world populated...

n3rdabl3’s Top Games from EGX Rezzed 2018

This past weekend a handful of the team head into London to check out EGX Rezzed which was home to some of this year's...

The Definitive Guide to LARP Part Two: Learning the Lingo

Every LARP system will have its own 'language' but there are some terms that you will likely hear in almost any system. Consider this one a glossary of generic, universal LARP terms!

‘Castle Rock’ Curiosities and Connections: Episode Nine: “Henry Deaver”

Last week I said that things have started to wind down with Castle Rock as we approach the end of the first season. That was a silly thing for me to have said.

What Are Anthem’s Four Character Classes?

EA and BioWare's new title Anthem, releasing February 22 2019, puts players in a hostile world piloting their advanced mech suits called Javelins which come in four distinct shapes...

4 Facts About Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

The Dino Charged Power Rangers are back with a second season which sees the Neo Saban era try to tread the line between two...

A Guide to Apex legends’ Ranked Leagues

Apex Legends has dived head-first into its second season of content, after a rather somewhat lackluster first season and a noticeable decline since the...

7 Underappreciated Games You Might Have Missed

I'm sure everyone knows how it feels to love something that none of your friends seem to have heard of. Whether it's an obscure...
rayman legends

Five Co-op Games (and Modes) We’ve Put Too Much Time Into

Both my wife and I love to play video games and more often than not, we keep a keen eye out for games which offer co-operative play. For the past decade we've been playing games together from the Xbox 360 to the PS4 and Xbox One, so we've seen our fair share.

Sonic The Wasted Potential – How Sega Could Save Sonic

The downfall of Sonic is one of the most widely discussed topics in gaming, and as a shamefully huge Sonic fan myself it’s something I’m pretty well versed in. That said, the story of how a heroic console-selling mascot was reduced to weird spin-offs and mobile games has been retold so many times that I’m not going to weigh you down with another run through; it’s time to think positively, or at least constructively critical. Here’s some of my thoughts on the future of our beloved blue blur.

Is the Dragon Ball Z Buu Saga Cursed? It is for...

Have you ever noticed odd coincidences in your life? I've noticed an odd Dragon Ball Z one in mine. Every time I attempt to make my way through the Buu saga, life tends to get rather cross and intervene.
Dishonored 2 Karnaca

Reflections on Windows: Architecture and Place in Dishonored 2

Building an environment is no easy feat. An environment is not a ‘map’, it's a lived in space. It’s an area conscious of its context, a place that understands and supports the events that occur in its space. The best environments have history, they have story, and they have character. Which is why the standout character in Dishonored 2 isn’t human, nor beast. It’s the city, Karnaca.

10 Games That Desperately Deserve a Remake

Remakes are nothing new, the entertainment industry has a habit of retreading the same ground and digging up old ideas, giving them a quick polish...

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