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Awesome-Con 2018: Interview with Barbara Dunkelman

I'm back with some more interviews courtesy of Awesome-Con. This year I talked to two wonderful ladies of Rooster Teeth, Barbara Dunkelman, and Lindsey...
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Smash Tour: June 9-11 ~ 2GGC Nairo Saga, Saints Gaming Live,...

The second week of the Summer of Splash brings us a Wii U National in SoCal, and another Canadian National in Ontario, as well as...
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How Facebook Stole my Name, and How I Got it Back

Facebook’s real name policy is hands down a complete waste of time. It not only stands as a clear example of the company wanting...

Professor Snape was an All-right Geezer

Let's face it, we've all had a teacher like Snape: mean and nasty, but all very well intentioned. Yes, that's right. That grumpy potions teacher, in my opinion, was an all-right geezer, he just enjoyed being grumpy. We all enjoy doing that, yes all of us.

How to Nerd-out in Your day to day Life for Some...

Want to show people your nerd skills? Do you still think that you can impress people in job interviews with your knowledge of Harry Potter or Star Wars? Think the cool kids will like you if tell them all about the Easter eggs in Batman vs Superman?

3 Ways the Harry Potter IP Could used in a Fighting...

Wave your wand high Harry Potter, it's time to give Street Fighter a run for its money! That's right I reckon that a certain young wizard and his mates could make a decent fighting game.

n3rdabl3 Research Shows Sequels Aren’t All Bad

One of the things that has always fascinated me is how much people hate on sequels. In all fairness, I get why people do it. I've...

Here’s Some Interesting (Yet Slightly Wild) Things I’d Add to Marvel...

Do you ever think about how you spent an embarrassing portion of your youth playing Yu-Gi-Oh Cards? Just me? Well, that's okay, someone has to. That being said, I like Marvel and I have a vague interest in card games, so getting into Marvel Legendary is a logical next step.

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