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Retrospectives, a unique look back at the history of video games, comic books, technology, and more.

Come on and Slam, and Welcome to the Jam: 21 Years...

Twenty-one years ago, we were all graced by a film, the likes of which had hardly been seen before. It was polarizing: many loved...

Switching Over to the Antique Plates: Putt-Putt Turns 25

Earlier this month, on September 9, Putt-Putt the car and his game series turned 25. Although the friendly little purple car doesn’t actually wear...

7 Things No Man’s Sky Got Right

We're coming up on a year since No Man's Sky was released and looking back, it's almost impossible not to focus on the negatives....

The Nintendo 64 Turns 20 Today

The Nintendo 64 was not the first handheld or console I ever owned. I probably, albeit unconsciously, competed for the longest GameBoy gaming session marathon on the planet. Pokémon Red and Blue dominated my younger years, but then the N64 happened.

The PS Vita Turns Five Years Old Today!

Today marks the fifth birthday for Sony’s handheld console the PlayStation Vita. Released five years ago back in 2012 it was a move by Sony to bring the level of games seen on the likes of the PlayStation 3 to the handheld market.

A Look Back on 2016’s Biggest Stories in Gaming

2016 might not have been the best year. In fact, that's probably not an unfair statement at all, with a relatively lacklustre slate of...

I’m Super Late to the Current-Gen Party, But It’s Totally Worth...

It's now been a year since I manned up and bought a PS4, yes I'm late to the party. But has it worked out or has it been a complete bust? I guess you'll have to keep reading to find out, won't you?
Vampire: The Masquerade

Vampire: The Masquerade – Tokyo “School’s Out”

Welcome to Tokyo, but not the Tokyo you know so well. This is Tokyo as seen in the World of Darkness Tabletop RolePlaying (RP)...

Why Hitman’s Episodic Release was Perfect

We've seen episodic releases before with games like The Walking Dead or Life is Strange, but Hitman is the first time we've seen a...

Risk & Reward: A Brief History of Dark Souls

With Dark Souls III on it's way in the west in a few weeks, what better than a look into the infinite depth of the challenging series. A suspicious glance at just how From Software managed to become one of the most lauded developers in recent years due to the risk they took releasing a game that was far removed from our comfort zones in modern age gaming consisting of two minute checkpoints, infinite saves and on-rails action, that it could have failed severely. What is it that has drawn over eight and a half million gamers to launch themselves into the punishing worlds of Dark Souls and slog their way to the end, just to go back and do it all again in new game plus? The answer is simple: Risk equals reward...

Escap3: The Binding of Isaac

Welcome to the second episode of Escap3, a series focusing on the benefits of escapism in gaming and the games that offer the most...
Kyle873 Doom RPG #1

Get Stats, Kill Demons – Taking a Look at Kyle873’s Doom...

As I mentioned during my thoughts on the DOOM reboot's reveal at E3, I've been a huge fan of the series for most of my life, thanks in no small part to the plethora of amazing maps and modifications the community have been creating for over 20 years. New and interesting tweaks to the game that helped popularise the FPS are still coming out almost every day.

Escap3: Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls

This short series of features is centered on the use of gaming as a form of escapism. Some may argue that all games can be used in this way, but none so much as a few titles that really suck you into their worlds, lore and style of gaming. I'll be covering a few of the titles that have been amazingly helpful in the face of crises over the span of my life and hopefully, give some insight into why they're so therapeutic in the first place.

The Evolution of the Xbox Dashboard

This post is a refreshed version of a post we created in 2012, also taking a look back at the dashboards of the Xbox...
power rangers

A Power Rangers Fan Theory

If you spend too much time on the internet like me you usually come across fan wikis and my favourite of all is the Power Ranger one. I love the richness and in depth information fans of a product put into these articles, the haven of trivia and cool bits of information they tend to hold.

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