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ST Pod Racer Revenge

#ThrowbackThursday – Star Wars Pod Racer Revenge.

You may of heard of a small film franchise called Star Wars. It's been out for a few years and there's a few people who like it. This film franchise has lead to an astonishing amount of games, some I've owned and loved, some I probably didn't know existed. But there was one Star Wars game that stood out even years after playing it, Pod Racer Revenge...
f zero

#ThrowbackThursday F-Zero GX.

Everyone who owns a Nintendo console loves the F-Zero franchise and the question fans have been asking recently is, where is the new F-Zero? This particular game on the Gamecube is great fun and this is coming from a person who isn't a massive fan of the racing genre.
Theme Park

#ThrowbackThursday | Theme Park

One of my all time favourite games as a kid was Theme Park on PlayStation One. It was my first introduction to the 'Tycoon' style of games, but added humour and a more light hearted take on the genre.

#FlashbackFriday | Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

I've started a play through of MGS 4 recently and this is has to be my favourite PS3 game that I've ever played. I know what a lot of people think about this game because it's been said that this game an interactive movie rather than a game, well you're wrong.

#ThrowbackThursday | BioShock.

As BioShock Infinite is just around the corner I thought I would take a journey back to the year 2007 when the BioShock first started..
HP: Quidditch World Cup

#ThrowbackThursday – Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup

Yo yo! It's that time of the week again, #ThrowBackThursday is here once more. And today it's a childhood special. So Grab your wand and broom you young wizard and witches, because we're going back to Hogwarts! Harry Potter was a massive part of a lot of peoples lives whether it was the books, the films or the mediocre tie-in games, Harry and Co. were very much present in a lot of childhood's...
resident evil.

#ThrowbackThursday | Resident Evil.

I know a lot of people have a negative attitude towards Capcom and the Resident Evil series because to you (the consumer) seem to think that they are butchering the franchise and it's lost sight of what Resident evil was supposed to be. Lets take a journey back in time to see how the franchise began with the first game. I have the remastered Gamecube version which is a really good, scary game...
Indiana Jones

#ThrowbackThursday – Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb

It's that time of the week, its another #ThrowbackThursday. This time it's everyone's Fedora wearing, whip wielding adventurer - Indiana Jones...
Call of Duty 3 Bike

#ThrowbackThursday – Call of Duty 3

This weeks #ThrowbackThursday is more of a light step back, but in my defense 2006 seems a lifetime ago. Call of Duty 3, came...
Crash Bandicoot

#FlashbackFriday | Crash Bandicoot

This weeks #ThrowbackThursday / #FlashbackFriday is one of my favourite PlayStation games from the mid 90s and that my friends is Crash Bandicoot. Originally...

#ThrowbackThursday – StarCraft

For this weeks #ThrowbackThursday I wanted to include a game that not only shaped me as a gamer personally but something that really defined...
Spidy swing

#ThrowbackThursday – Spider-Man 2 (Video Game)

I've chosen this particular game for a number of reasons; It brings back childhood memories like it really was just yesterday, It turns out...
solid snake

The History of The Metal Gear Series.

As Metal Gear Rising is due out next month and the fact that we've seen twenty five years of the Metal Gear franchise I...
Road Rash

#ThrowbackThursday Road Rash

For this weeks #ThrowbackThursday I'm going to re-visit one of the most notorious games of my childhood and that my friends, is Road Rash. This...
Star Wars Bounty Hunter 3

#ThrowbackThursday – Star Wars Bounty Hunter

A Long Time Ago On A Console Far Far Away... Yes that's right! It's Star Wars time on Throwback Thursday! Now cast your minds back...

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