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Activision Bungie September 6, 2017 PC, PS4, Xbox One


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Opinion: Destiny 2 Warmind Expansion… Should I Really Care?

Destiny 2 hasn't been the most well received MMO RPG. With issues around every corner from bullshit add-ons, to player restrictions, to stale gameplay,...
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Destiny 2 – Get That Light Level Up Guardian!

Destiny 2 has been out for a couple weeks now and everyone is getting to the point of the "hard grind". Most of us...
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Destiny 2 Beta Impressions – More of the Same

While coverage and gameplay demos for Destiny 2 have spurred excitement and seem to breathe some new life into the series, the beta doesn't...

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Destiny 2 Warmind Expansion – All the Hot Details From the Livestream!

Last night, Bungie had their livestream for the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, Warmind. The stream showed off a little bit of everything as they generally tend to do.
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What to Expect from Destiny 2’s Next Expansion, Warmind

Bungie has announced their next Destiny 2 expansion, Warmind. While little is known about the upcoming expansion, Bungie will be live streaming it on...
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Bungie Releases Roadmap for Destiny 2… Woo?

Destiny developer Bungie has released a "roadmap" of sorts that details changes that are planning to be made to the game throughout the month of...
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Destiny 2: The Curse of Osiris DLC Review – Underwhelming and Disappointing

For those that don't have the Destiny 2 season pass, and are wondering if $20 is worth spending on the first DLC for the game, it's not... From the insultingly short "campaign" to the lack of innovative ideas and just straight up lack of content, The Curse of Osiris is pretty much a disappointment in every way, except for the Raid Lairs, but we'll get to that.
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Amazon Releases Alexa-compatible Ghost for Destiny 2

Ever wished you could have a Destiny 2 Ghost of your own to talk to? Well now you can!... Kind of.
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Bungie Cancels Destiny 2 Livestream Amidst Fan Uproar

The upcoming Destiny 2 Livestream has been cancelled Bungie has announced, in an effort to work to address some of the concerns raised by the community as of late.
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Destiny 2 Season 2 Detailed by Bungie

Bungie have revealed details on Destiny 2's Season 2, and with the coming of The Curse of Osiris players will see a shift in...
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Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Stream Recap – Raid Lairs, Heroic Strikes, and New...

Bungie's Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Twitch stream last night brought with it loads of new information regarding their upcoming first DLC for Destiny...
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Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris – Everything You Need to Know

Bungie has disclosed some hard facts about the upcoming Curse of Osiris Expansion for Destiny 2 which was unveiled at Paris Games Week earlier...