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Rockstar Games Rockstar Games September 17, 2013 PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One


GTA 5 - n3rdabl3

GTA Online: Smugglers Run… Fun With Flaws

With the launch of the new GTA Online update Smuggler's Run players get to join Ron, everyone favourite conspiracy theorist, in running a high stakes...
GTA 5 - n3rdabl3

UK Gaming Charts: GTA V Does it Again

Okay, so with little in the way of new releases last week, the UK Gaming Charts remain mostly unchanged despite one new release entering the top 40. That also means that the three-year-old title, Grand Theft Auto V, once again holds the number one spot above Call of Duty, FIFA, and Battlefield.
GTA 5 - n3rdabl3

UK Gaming Charts: Grand Theft Auto V Steals Number 1… Wait,...

Apparently over three years after its initial release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Grand Theft Auto V still has some life left in it as it enters first place in the UK Gaming Chart for the tenth time running.

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GTA 5 - n3rdabl3

GTA Online remixes the Sumo

GTA Online is still making the most of the recent After Hours update, with a newly remixed Adversary Mode available now. Fan-Favorite Adversary Mode 'Sumo'...
GTA 5 - n3rdabl3

GTA Online to still see Updates Following Red Dead Online Launch

GTA Online will still be updated following the release of Red Dead Online, Rockstar has announced. GTA Online will carry on following Red Dead Online,...
GTA 5 - n3rdabl3

GTA Online is Running Back the Remixes

GTA Online unleashes its latest Remix this week, with the Running Back Adversary mode getting a new lease of life. To mark the start of...
GTA 5 - n3rdabl3

GTA Online Updates Southern San Andreas Super Autos Inventory, new Login Unlocks

GTA Online gets its latest run of Dripfeed content, adding content that's been in the game since launch... That's right, GTA Online players can now...
GTA 5 - n3rdabl3

GTA Online Offers Players Over $1 Million in Bonuses

GTA Online is looking to drive the player counts this week, Offering players bonuses for each day they log into the title over the coming...
GTA 5 - n3rdabl3

GTA Online HVY Menacer Released

GTA Online just got a whole lot more deadly with the release of the HVY Menacer, the latest Weaponised Vehicle to hit Los Santos. The...
GTA 5 - n3rdabl3

GTA Online Scramjet Released, Adversary Modes get Remixed

GTA Online receives the latest run of drip-feed content from the After Hours Update, with the release of the Declasse Scramjet. The Declasse Scramjet is...
GTA 5 - n3rdabl3

GTA Online: The Black Madonna and Client Jobs Descend on Los Santos

GTA Online gets the latest run of drip-feed content for the After Hours Update this week, with the anticipated arrival of The Black Madonna...
GTA 5 - n3rdabl3

GTA Online Terrorbyte and Oppressor Mk 2 Set for Release August 14

GTA Online is set to be graced with some new vehicles August 14, with the anticipated release of the Terrorbyte and Oppressor Mk 2. The Benefactor...