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Square Enix Square Enix 2018 PC, PS4, Xbox One


Kingdom Hearts 3 - n3rdabl3

n3rdabl3 Holiday Gift Guide: Kingdom Hearts Fans

We're finally getting Kingdom Hearts 3, so we shouldn't complain. But... it's coming out right after all of the winter holidays, right at the end of January.
Kingdom Hearts 3 - n3rdabl3

Where to Begin with Kingdom Hearts

So you've seen the flashy trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3 and maybe you've always been meaning to get into the series. But now there...
Kingdom Hearts 3 - n3rdabl3

Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far (Part 3) – Let’s Get...

We're finally nearing the end of our Kingdom Hearts journey but let's take a little break here to talk about DiZ, at least before...

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Kingdom Hearts 3 - n3rdabl3

‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Experience to Open at Walt Disney World

Square Enix is really pulling out the stops with its promotion for Kingdom Hearts 3. As it turns out, Disney isn't slacking either!
Kingdom Hearts 3 - n3rdabl3

‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Opening Movie Trailer Released, More on the Way

Square Enix has released the opening movie for Kingdom Hearts 3 which gives us our first look at the upcoming sequel as well as another chance to hear the new opening theme.
Kingdom Hearts 3 - n3rdabl3

1000-Piece ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Puzzle Goes Up For Preorder

A special commemorative thousand-piece Kingdom Hearts 3 puzzle has been made available for pre-order on AmiAmi.
Kingdom Hearts 3 - n3rdabl3

Kingdom Hearts 3 has Gone Gold, Here’s a New Trailer

Square Enix has today unveiled a brand new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 as well as the news that the game has finally wrapped development and has gone gold.
Kingdom Hearts 3 - n3rdabl3

New ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Trailer Brings Mystery–and Pooh Bear!

As we get closer to the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3, more and more trailers teasing worlds, their stories, and overall game plot have...
Kingdom Hearts 3 - n3rdabl3

Big Hero 6 Voice Cast Returns for Kingdom Hearts 3

Today Square Enix has announced the voice cast for the characters from Big Hero 6 in the upcoming video game, Kingdom Hearts 3. To celebrate...
Kingdom Hearts 3 - n3rdabl3

Kingdom Hearts 3 Opening Theme Composed by Utada Hikaru and Skrillex

Kingdom Hearts 3's opening theme song, titled "Face my Fears", turns out to be a collaboration between the series long time composer Utada Hikaru and... Skrillex?
Kingdom Hearts 3 - n3rdabl3

Kingdom Hearts 3 Voice Cast Confirmed

Square Enix has revealed a star-studded voice cast that'll be reprising their roles as some of Disney's iconic characters in Kingdom Hearts 3.
Kingdom Hearts 3 - n3rdabl3

TGS 2018: Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Shows off Big Hero 6 World

Square Enix has kicked off TGS 2018 with some new footage for their upcoming adventure title, Kingdom Hearts 3, which shows off Big Hero 6 world.