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Blizzard Blizzard May 24, 2016 PC, PS4, Xbox One



10 of the Coolest Pieces of Overwatch Concept Art

Since launch last year Overwatch has taken the gaming world by storm. The game has been so lovingly created that fans love to learn...

Why There’s so Much Toxicity in Overwatch’s Competitive Queue

Underneath Overwatch’s cartoony facade lies something sinister. It corrupts the hearts of good men and women, leaving them nigh-unrecognisable. This phenomenon has many names:...

The N3WS – Overwatch, Nintendo, Star Wars

https://youtu.be/2-PISnMfrCU Each week we publish quite a lot of content here at n3rdabl3, so if you want to know what the most interesting bits we...

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Update: New Overwatch Hero Arrives Ahead of Free Weekend

It's being reported that new Overwatch hero, Moira, is set to arrive in the game today ahead of the free weekend which begins later this evening.

Razer’s New D.Va-themed Overwatch Gear is Everything

Razer has announced a series of new officially licensed Overwatch products which channel everyone's favourite mecha-based Tank, D.Va, and they're to die for.

Blizzard Announce New Overwatch Hero: Moira

At Blizzcon this weekend Blizzard announced the latest hero to join the Overwatch roster: Moira, and she seems to be a blend of a few already familiar faces.

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 Event is Live – LOOK AT THE SKINS

Overwatch's Halloween Terror event is now live on all platforms, featuring haunted maps, the return of Dr. Junkenstein, and more skins than you can...

Overwatch Halloween Terror Event Teased

Blizzard has begun teasing the next big event coming to Overwatch; Halloween Terror, that'll see more Halloween skins coming to the game, among other things.

Overwatch’s Junkertown map Available Next Week

The latest map to come to Overwatch is the Junkertown payload map and it will launch on 19 September. Players in the PTR on PC have had a chance to play for the past few weeks.

HUGE Changes are Coming to Overwatch’s Mercy

Heroes never die... but they do undergo radical reconstructive surgery from time to time, and that's exactly what's happened in Overwatch to everyone's favourite...

Mei’s Backstory Explored in New Overwatch Short

A new animated Overwatch short has revealed more on Mei's backstory and her motivation for joining Overwatch.

Overwatch: Roadhog, Junkrat, Orisa and Widowmaker Buffed in PTR

While most of us have been distracted by the Overwatch Summer Games event the last few weeks (even those of us that hate Lucioball...