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Blizzard Blizzard May 24, 2016 PC, PS4, Xbox One


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10 of the Coolest Pieces of Overwatch Concept Art

Since launch last year Overwatch has taken the gaming world by storm. The game has been so lovingly created that fans love to learn...
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Why There’s so Much Toxicity in Overwatch’s Competitive Queue

Underneath Overwatch’s cartoony facade lies something sinister. It corrupts the hearts of good men and women, leaving them nigh-unrecognisable. This phenomenon has many names:...
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The N3WS – Overwatch, Nintendo, Star Wars

https://youtu.be/2-PISnMfrCU Each week we publish quite a lot of content here at n3rdabl3, so if you want to know what the most interesting bits we...

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Overwatch Lego Bastion set Released

Overwatch has taken it's blockbuster status a little too literally, with the release of a Lego set for everyone's favorite bird enthusiast, Bastion. Blizzard has...
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Overwatch Halloween Terror First Skins Revealed

Overwatch Halloween Terror is set to kick off October 9, and as always, it's set to bring us some new skins. The highlight of every...
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Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 Begins October 9

Blizzard has announced that Overwatch's annual Halloween Terror event is set to return for another year bringing even more spooky skins and limited time modes to the competitive shooter.
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Overwatch PTR Brings Changes to Torbjörn

Overwatch is undertaking its latest Hero change with Torbjörn, as well as a host of changes to other heroes. The Overwatch team has described the changes...
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Overwatch Patch Brings PTR Changes to all Platforms

To accompany the new Busan Map, Overwatch has had some of the PTR's latest changes hit the main game. We covered the changes in depth...
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Overwatch Busan map now Live on all Platforms

The latest map to hit Overwatch, Busan, is now live for all players on all platforms. The new Busan map has been live on the...
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Overwatch League Boosted to 20 Teams for 2019 Season

Overwatch League is looking to expand upon the success of its inaugural season by expanding up to 20 teams for its 2019 season. Last month,...
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Overwatch Celebrates D.Va with Challenges to Unlock Sprays

Blizzard has announced a handful of challenges coming to Overwatch to celebrate the launch of the Busan map and D.Va's "Shooting Star" short which will award players with new sprays!
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Overwatch PTR Patch Rectifies age-old Reinhardt Issue

Overwatch is set to be updated with the latest run of fixes and changes hitting the PTR, including some long-standing issues. The first addition hitting the...