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So you want to get your foot into the door of video game / tech journalism, or are looking for greener pastures to continue your writing career? Then n3rdabl3 is a great place to be! If you’re as passionate as we are about gaming, technology, comic books, TV and film, then chances are, we’ll get on like a house on fire. If we have any spaces open, you’ll find them right here.

Before proceeding, please make a note of the following:

  • All applicants must be 18 years of age.
  • All applicants must have an active Facebook profile.
  • All applicants must have access to Skype or Discord.
  • Successful applicants will enter an unpaid four week trial period.

To apply for one of the below positions please email [email protected] with a short introduction, resume/CV, or an example of your work.

Current openings:



n3rdabl3 is seeking someone to help manage their social media and other communities (such as Discord). Applicants will need to have some familiarity with social networks and how they work, as well as how best to achieve exposure on each.

Some experience with their own channels isn’t necessary, but it’d be a plus. Applicants will be expected to be interactive with the community, create interesting, intriguing, and engaging posts, and be able to put their personality into their work.

Applicants capable of creating images for posts, whether it’s title images or memes, as well as video content for Facebook, would be a huge bonus. They’ll also work closely with our staff writers and editors as well as video producers to create content.

position_-_twitch_streamersn3rdabl3 is looking for an experienced Twitch Streamer to join our team. Applicants must have some level of experience on the platform as well as the capabilities of streaming at at least 720p25fps and have a decent microphone.

Applicants should be able to fill at least two time slots in our weekly stream schedule and will need to have the time to be able to commit to the schedule. Streams can be anything from an hour to four hours long, or even longer provided they don’t overlap into someone else’s stream time. They’ll also be given the necessary assets needed to ensure their streams are uniform with others.

Applicants must be confident and have a good personality for streaming, they must also be able to interact with our community via the chat while streaming.

Streamers will be provided with access to our Steam library so they can play some of the latest and greatest games, though being able to provide their own selection of titles is also a must.


n3rdabl3 is looking for a talented video producer capable of creating videos in a timely and regular manner. These videos will be available on our own YouTube channel as well as being published directly to our Facebook page.

The applicant needs to be a creative individual who’s capable of creating content that’s relevant and entertaining. There’ll be two styles of video that’ll need to be created, the first can by anything from a gameplay trailer to a Let’s Play series or even a news-show. The applicant has freedom to create whatever they wish for our channel.

The second are videos for Facebook. These videos need to be relatively easy to digest fairly quickly 30-60 seconds max. These will need to be accessible both with and without audio so captions are preferred. Videos can consist of anything from short headlines to features on the latest trailers. Nothing too complex, just easily consumable content for Facebook.
Applicants, if successful, will be able to take advantage of our huge Steam library featuring some of the latest and greatest games. They’ll also be able to make the most of B-roll footage provided by developers which can be used to create video content.

To apply for one of the below positions please email [email protected] with a short introduction, resume/CV, or an example of your work.