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n3rdabl3’s JQBX Room Rules


Thanks for joining our room on JQBX! We welcome all genres and styles so hop onto the DJ stand and show us what you’ve got! We do have some rules, but TL;DR just me a good person and you’ll be fine.

No “Nope”. To encourage music discovery, we discourage people from using the “Nope” button. No one wants to see that their music taste is disliked by people, so refrain from using it.

Play anything. Have some weird avant-garde music you want to show off? Go for it!

Keep songs at a reasonable length. No one really wants to listen to a 20-minute Manowar medley, but if you REALLY want to play it, ask the room. Otherwise, try and keep songs to a decent length (no longer than 10 minutes).


That’s it for now. Until we get a bot on board that’ll help us manage the room a little better, try not to be an ass, and have fun! Keep checking back on this page just in case we add something else though.