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Sphero’s new Star Wars Toys Include R2-D2 and new Droid From...

Sphero had spent a few years sat in a state of start-up obscurity until Disney came along with the design for BB-8, set to...

Three Quick Comic Reviews from Last Week

I should be saving up for DC Rebirth but I couldn't resist some of the new releases this week, this included Saber Rider andthe Star Sheriffs, Power Rangers, and Spider-verse. So it's time for three quick comic reviews and a small smattering of trivia.
the evil within 5

The Evil Within Comic Adaptation on the way

Ian Edginton is back for more video game adaptation.

Is Anime Dead? Hideaki Anno Seems to Think so

That may seem like a dire prediction from a well-known name in an industry that many of us enjoy, but he does seem to give some very thought-provoking and valid reasons for his statement. First, the industry seems to have stagnated when it comes to technology.
Captain America The Winter Soldier Exclusive VIP Launch NIght

In London This Weekend? Why Not Check Out The Marvel Exhibit!

Are you in the English capital this weekend with nothing else to do? Then you should check out the amazing Marvel Exhibit to celebrate the launch of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

How to Spend Your Dark Knights… The Top 5 Batman Games...

Being from a generation where most games were made of cardboard and movement was decided by dice, I've had the benefit of living through just about every...
Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus Movie Update

It's still happening, basically. It's a bit like The Last Guardian to be honest - we don't really know a lot, we haven't seen anything, which...

Bethesda Shows off what’s in “The Art of Fallout 4”

Bethesda have given us a sneak peek at the upcoming book "The Art of Fallout 4", which is set to be released after the game's launch on December 22nd...

The Next Expendables Could Be Women Only

It was at the World Premier of The Expendables 3 where plans were revealed to have a women only cast for the next Expendables. Titled...brace yourselves, The Expendabelles. Pure Genius...

Spotify Lists Top Streamed Artists of 2014, Ed Sheeran and Katy...

2014 has been a huge year for the music industry with music streaming being at an all time high, the UK Official Charts taking streaming into consideration when announcing the UK's Number 1, and Taylor Swift breaking up with Spotify. But which artists benefited the most from music streaming? Which artists were globally the most streamed artists? Thankfully Spotify have the answer with their new Year in Music 2014 page!
Record Store Day

Record Store Day Update

Record Store Day is the day when all the records dust themselves down, put on fresh clothes and go out into the wide world to party the night away. Well, it's kind of true...

You Will Know The Debt Is Paid! New Game Of Thrones...

On Tuesday HBO released a new trailer for the upcoming season of Game Of Thrones. The trailer which can be viewed above opens with one of the most important lines of the series thus far that will have far reaching consequences for a fan favourite character, not only in the upcoming series but many more after that.
batgirl feature

The Darkness Rises Above Batgirl

We all know what the New 52 was, right? That controversial DC story event which rebooted the entire DC comics continuity. One of which was the casting of Batgirl. Promos which showed Barabra Gordon fully walking again despite being paralysed erased a pivotal part of the Batman mythos.
The Flash

A Brief History of The Flash (Part 2)

So last week you probably noticed I kept talking about a 'new Flash' - now it time to tell that story. Barry Allen was born late and was mostly described as enjoying taking things slow. In his childhood his mother was killed and his father was blamed, this mystery still hasn't been solved...

Bit.Trip LP soundtrack in glorious vinyl

Since its initial release in 2009, there have been seven games in the Bit.Trip series, ranging across the whole gaming platform spectrum. The games...


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