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captain america

New Captain America: The Winter Soldier Poster Arrives.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is only a few weeks away so its no surprise that new content is appearing online every day. Today...
power rangers

Power Rangers Morphs out a Release Date of July, 2016

So we've got the screen writers and now we've got a date, that's right the Power Rangers movie has been slated for July 22, 2016 which puts its release nicely out of the way of any Marvel or Comic Book projects, for now.

Comic Review: The Rejects #2

It's the second issue and things are moving along nicely. How nicely, take the click bait and find out!
Fortnite Funko Rex POP

Fortnite Funko POP! Line up Leaked

According to a "leak", some of the more popular and recognizable Fortnite Skins will be forever encapsulated in tiny collectible forms with Funko's upcoming...

The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer Gets Release Date

The hype train for The Walking Dead has well and truly left the station and it's been confirmed that the official trailer will be released on the 25th July!
Pitch Perfect 2video

Check Out The Awesome Trailer For Pitch Perfect 2

Let me paint a scene for you. A 20 year old, six foot five bearded man-child is on a long haul flight to Florida. The inflight entertainment varies greatly but one film stands out to our mysterious man child. He watches Pitch Perfect and thoroughly enjoys it, whilst the odd German guy next to him looks on, confused. How could one person enjoy acapella music so much. The man child some hours later, bored, decides to watch the film again. Enjoying it just as much as the first time round. My name is Ollie Colton, and I am that mysterious man-child...
Injustice skins image

Skins I’d like to see for Injustice: Gods Among Us

NetherRealm have been releasing a ton of DLC for Injustice: Gods Among Us recently, from new skins to characters - they're great n' all but here's a few ideas I'd like to see.
Star Wars: The Force Awakensvideo

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Releases a Second Trailer

Better than the Batman Vs Superman one. But that's not hard is it?

E3 2014: Sony Producing Show Based off Powers Comic Series

Michael Avon Oeming's super powered detective comic is being developed and produced by Sony, Andrew House announced on stage at E3.

Sphero’s new Star Wars Toys Include R2-D2 and new Droid From...

Sphero had spent a few years sat in a state of start-up obscurity until Disney came along with the design for BB-8, set to...
turner shipp sheridan

X-Men: Apocalypse Welcomes Jean Grey, Cyclops and Storm

In the wee hours of this morning, Bryan Singer dropped a tweet letting the world know who the golden trio of the X-Men universe are going to be played by, Alexandra Shipp Sophie Turner, and Tye Sheridan.

Star Wars: Episode VIII Delayed until Late 2017

In a post on the Star Wars official website, the next installment in the main films, Star Wars: Episode VIII, will be seeing a late 2017 release.

True Detective: A Season Summary

This post contains True Detective spoilers. If you haven’t watched the series yet, then what the hell are you doing here? Go. Watch. It. Then come back here and read this, because it contains spoilers, and I’d hate to spoil something this great for you.
power rangers movie poster crop

The New Power Rangers Reboot has a New Teaser Poster

It's been a morphin' great week for Power Ranger fans, with Zordon cast and a teaser image to boot. So how about we break it all down and see what all the excitement is all about?

Here’s Three TMNT Team ups you May Not Have Heard of

A brief summary of three strange TMNT crossovers: Power Rangers in Space, Savage Dragon, and Ghostbusters! Here's something a little strange: three crossovers the Teenage...

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