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Jared Leto Joker

Joker and Harley Quinn aren’t misunderstood

Joker and Harley are not some misunderstood kids. They are very bad people.

A brief history of Superman Doomed

Imagine if Superman could turn into the Hulk and he was covered in rocks. How is that a bad thing?

What happened to the Superman family?

I mean, come on. Someone must miss this little team? Not just me?

Invader Zim #1 Is Coming!

This is going to a pretty picture heavy one, only because the story is pretty "new cover" heavy, so gird your loins...

The Un-Fantastic thing about Marvel Previews

So what was missing from the new Marvel universe? Well let me tell you..
Captain America

Prediction: What might happen in Captain America: Civil War

Guess what? I think I may have a rough idea about what may happen during Captain America: Civil War. I reckon what may happen first...

Josh’s idea for a Naruto movie

Because sometimes, people write fan fiction on all sorts of different websites.

A brief history of G.I. Joe Infestation

G.I Joe vs. Robot Zombies. Sounds much better than the Walking Dead huh?

A brief history of The Ultimate Fantastic Four

So it finally happened. We finally got a Fantastic Four trailer. So after months of a press and PR black hole we got to...

A brief history of Gotham by Gaslight Batman

Alternate universes tend to be a playground for writers, a place to let loose no kill character like Superman, a place for Spider-man to marry Black Cat, or heroes re-imagined in different scenarios - like Captain America if he lived during the Civil War.

Marvel’s All-New, All-Different Line-up Revealed

Since we first heard that the end of Secret War will bring us Marvel's All-New, All-Different series we've been waiting to hear what the full line up will be. And now it's here.

A Brief History of Future Damian Wayne

I don't think I have to worry about spoilers with this one but a couple of months the current Robin sadly bit the dust. Damian Wayne, the son of Batman and Talia Al Ghul (daughter of Ra's) sadly died battling his demented clone in one final hurrah.
Batman vs Predator

Why weird crossovers make superheroes more heroic

It's fair to say alongside a superheroes special powers or skills they're mostly wrapped up in plot armour...

A Set of Spider-men I Want to See in the Spider-verse

So Peter Parker is back as Spider-man and it turns it out a little later this year we'll be seeing a ton of other Spider-men and the occasional spider-lady as part of Dan Slott's 'Spider-verse'. With a huge promise to include every Spider-man ever, they must all combine their webs to combat the evil vampire Morlun.

A brief history of Batman and Son

Holy child support Batman! You've got love child sired by the daughter of one of your enemies!...

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