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A Brief History of Star Trek Elite Force

Expecting a play on words with a famous line from Star Trek? Well we are talking about Star Trek Elite Force, and you know your Star Trek, you probably know a thing a two about this. However, I know a thing or three.

A brief history of Superman Doomed

Imagine if Superman could turn into the Hulk and he was covered in rocks. How is that a bad thing?
Infinite Crisis

Characters I’d like to see in Infinite Crisis

I love the alternate universe sthick they use in comics. It's also fun to see how a character is transferred into a different setting and how some of those characters are timeless. Obviously someone at DC thought the same way and thus created Infinite Crisis, the game. Don't confuse this with the 2006 story event which carried several rectons across the DC universe.

Batman vs. Robin – But why?

Continuity is very important now, ever since The Avengers had shown people how it is done. Batman VS. Robin demonstrates with its first trailer. Posted by IGN. So...

Who I think would make my “Space Justice League”

Unite the 7, Aquaman says. Does he mean the 7 potential Justice Leaguers? Or does he mean the 7 Chevrons needed to activate a Stargate? Why...

A brief history of Electro

So by now your probably aware of the promotional material being released for the new Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie coming out in 2014. If you don't know what I'm talking about well here we go, I'll say spoilers just incase..

LEGO Batman: Be-Leaguered, Coming Soon!

We're getting a lot of Batman for the end of this year, we've got the next Arkham instalment coming up, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham and now a LEGO Batman special.
black punsish

Oh Hey! Avengers Confidential Black Widow and Punisher is Pretty Good!

Let's be honest, DC and Marvel are trying to take over the world...

X-Men Empire Covers Get a Hairy Response..

I guess no one expected the internet to complain. But they did.

Empire have teamed up with upcoming film X-Men: Days of Future past to release 25 special covers of Empire magazine each of which reveals a new cast member striking a pose. So far we've had a new Toad, Beast, Blink and Quicksilver.
Optimus still #2 (Sword pointing)

Comic Book Vehicle Forms Transformers Could Use

Hey there's a Transformer film out! Also we have many Marvel films out and still coming out. So why don't I impress you with my wonderful list of modes of transportations Autobot and Decepticon could take? Well, great! Lets roll out!
An animated discussion about DC

Getting Animated About DC

So we've got a new Batman. Whether you love the decision about Ben Affleck being Batman I think there's one suitable name for this story. Batfleck. We had Benifier now we have this.

Even though it's been a short period of time it feels like the dialogue on this event is spent. So don't worry their will be no fanboy rage or balanced fanboy discussion on this event today.
Marvel top 5 main image

Top 5 places to go in the Marvel Universe

Let's face it, holidays aren't the best idea, well not in this universe anyway. So let's talk about a little scenario I have - say I could give you access to a device which could transport to the Marvel Universe, where would you go?
the evil within 5

The Evil Within Comic Adaptation on the way

Ian Edginton is back for more video game adaptation.

A Brief Recap of Pacific Rim Tales of the Drift

It's always kind of strange of how you're reminded of things. For example, this week I was reminded of how much I enjoyed Pacific...

Why We Should Look Deeper at the Superior Spider-man

Do you know how I treated myself this week when I discovered my Comixology app was running again? I treated myself to an issue of the Superior Spider-man. This was part of an ongoing comic treat for me because I'd been buying a set of issues from the series due to the return of one my favourite Spider-man characters - the Spider-man of 2099.

But I'll leave that one to a 'future' date.

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