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GI Joe Transforer cover

G.I Joe and Transformers: Together at last?

The 14 year old me didn't have a lot of pocket money for comics, I could just about afford one issue of Spider-man a week. So I dedicated most of my spare time to gazing at comic book facts on various Wiki pages, making what felt a long mental list of what I'd read later in life when I had the money to do it...

Saban Properties that Probably Won’t get the Comicbook Treatment

Why you may not be seeing Ryan Steel in the Power Rangers comics for a while
Teen titans go

Getting animated

So as you've probably noticed the superhero genre has swung into animation. Currently like anything in comics it tends to be a two horsed race between DC and Marvel.

Here Come The Thors

Marvel have just announced their latest Secret Wars title "Thors". Thors will see every being that has held the hammer and survived the recent catastrophe, come...

A Deeper Look at the Walking Dead: Volume 1

The Walking Dead is one of the most successful franchises in the world at the moment, stretching from comics, to television, to games, to...

Arrow Adds a New Hero to It’s Arsenal

With Arrow on target for a third season, it's about time that the Emerald started to gain a support team of his own and...

A brief history of The Green Lantern

First, for a brief history of The Green Lantern forget the film 'Green Lantern'. Once you've done that we'll begin with telling you about Hal Jordan.
Flash up

My £10 Comic Challenge

So as you might have guessed by now I buy a lot of comics, though I'm also no longer a student and my feet have been firmly placed on the road to adult hood which means less comics, at least for now. So to make this depressing factor of growing up a little easier I set my challenge for the month of November - just a note I buy all my comics digitally - I was going to set myself a £10 budget for comics: I couldn't purchase any graphic novels and I wasn't allow to spend over £10.

A Brief History of Battlestar Galactica Season Zero (Part 1)

Recently I've set myself a personal goal. The goal is expand my horizons, and I'm going to achieve this by reading a wider rangers of comics. I've been delving into different genres, different publishers and anything that differed from my usual reading diet of Spider-man and co. So I began to do keyword searches on Comixology and see what came up.
red arrow

A brief history of Roy Harper

It's time to drop the illusion that Robin is the only sidekick. There certainly are others and today I will tell you about the most scandalous one.

Junk: A Hero That Isn’t Rubbish.

Don't worry the picture will make sense. So last week you probably caught my piece on Japanese superheroes. One common convention of superhero comics is that in a team up situations their a just a few characters that just don't work out...

DC Goes to the Future in 3D

DC is continuing it's yearly trend of hosting a story event in September and to commemorate the reboot month of the New 52, DC have announced Futures End.
The Other Spider-Man

A Brief History of Spider-man and the Other

Were you expecting a Brief History based around Battlestar Galactica Season Zero? If so, you may have to wait, since this week has been a busy one for me and for new comic releases. This week we'll be discussing what, in my opinion, is one of the most creepiest Spider-man story arcs. I'm actually that creeped out by it that I've currently taken out one ear-phone, just in case.

Goku vs Irredeemable Too Violent to Work?

A fight to the death or the end of reality?

Mike Colter cast as Luke Cage

Three out of four have been cast for Marvel's Netflix Avengers style project. This time we now have our Luke Cage.

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