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Marvel Hammers Out a New Thor

It's not Thor-girl, Thor-lass or Thor-woman. It's Thor, who is now a woman. This October, we see the eighth new Marvel title which has...

Happy Early Birthday Batman!

That's right, it's been 75 years since the caped crusader appeared Detective Comics back in 1939 and to get us all hyped at Batman: The animated series animator Bruce Timm has produced an animated short grabbing the Batman spirits by the horns.

SyFy to produce Krypton TV show

Anything Batman can do, Superman can at try to. That's right SyFy plans to produce Krypton, a show which follows the family line of Superman.

Marvel’s All-New, All-Different Line-up Revealed

Since we first heard that the end of Secret War will bring us Marvel's All-New, All-Different series we've been waiting to hear what the full line up will be. And now it's here.

A Brief History of Ultimate Venom

Yes, it's Venom to the extreme!!!! No, just kidding. Whenever you see the word of Ultimate in front of a Marvel characters name it usually means their part of a shared continuity called the Ultimate universe.

The Magic Avengers

So last week I bought my fantasy team of robotic Avengers. This week since Marvel haven't tried to sue me (yet) I'm going to bring you the complete opposite in the form of The Magic Avengers.
Infinite Crisis

Characters I’d like to see in Infinite Crisis

I love the alternate universe sthick they use in comics. It's also fun to see how a character is transferred into a different setting and how some of those characters are timeless. Obviously someone at DC thought the same way and thus created Infinite Crisis, the game. Don't confuse this with the 2006 story event which carried several rectons across the DC universe.

A Brief Look Back at the Death and Return of Jason...

Instead of doing a simple brief breakdown I'm going to focus on the big part of Jason Todd's life - his death and return to life. So to recap; Jason was a street risen teen taken in by Batman after the first Robin Dick Grayson moved on. It was apparent Jason was an angry bitter teen and after a fairly violent encounter Batman put his current Robin on hiatus.

A Brief Recap of Pacific Rim Tales of the Drift

It's always kind of strange of how you're reminded of things. For example, this week I was reminded of how much I enjoyed Pacific...
Power Rangers 0

It’s Time for The Power Rangers to Meet Doctor Who

You may already realise this, but I do rather enjoy Power Rangers and I'm rather fond of Doctor Who, so this month was great for me. I'll tell you why later, meanwhile let the stupid ideas commence.
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Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover

The cover of a comic book is the first thing you see. It's pretty much advertising common sense to then make this cover as appealing to you so you part with your cash. This means all kinds of shock tactics are used for you to go "Oh, why is A and B teamed or oh no is C going to die?"

Well I'm here to make sure you effectively understand the secret code used on covers to make sure your cash is parted properly.

Here’s Three TMNT Team ups you May Not Have Heard of

A brief summary of three strange TMNT crossovers: Power Rangers in Space, Savage Dragon, and Ghostbusters! Here's something a little strange: three crossovers the Teenage...

The Most Likely Heroes to Die in Avengers: Infinity War

Lets be real. Almost every Marvel hero has met their end at some point or another in the comics. We have variant timelines, or...

A brief history of Venom

The black suit could be considered to one of Spider-man's most poisonous foes. Though do you know the story behind the black suit ?

The Four Weaknesses Of Superman

Superman, A.K.A. the Man of Steel, while he may be one of the strongest heroes that DC Comics has to offer, even the best...

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