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What Would Superman Have in a Utility Belt?

So if you managed to get past the headline without furiously raging: "Why does Superman need a utility belt...waaaah this is worse then Superman 3!" Then I'd like to take this moment to congratulate you on your level of endurance.

So I was thinking, a rare event, I know, but what would Superman have in a utility belt? Akin to Batman's and even to Spider-man (who had the Spider-signal in his). Let's be honest, Superman isn't perfect and he may need a couple of extensions to maintain that heroic reputation.

So here's a few ideas I had lined up.
cyborg superman

A brief history of Cyborg Superman

To break my robotic mould of just writing about good guys here's my first brief history about a super-villain even if he does have a huge link to a superhero. That's right were talking about Cyborg Superman - he's half human, half robot and 100% evil.

Wonder Woman shot released

Over the last couple of months we’ve seen a lot debate and talk about the Wonder Woman costume. It’s not just her costume either, the debate about the Bat-suit and what could come next for Superman was a abuzz to...
vampire batman

A Brief History of Vampire Robin

If you didn't know already, DC from time to time likes to publish Elseworld stories. These stories take the mythos of popular characters like Batman and Superman and re-imagine them in a completely different scenario. This why you get the likes of Superman: Red Son, a Superman who grew up in Russia instead of America, a Batman who existed during the Victorian era, and a Justice League of The Old American West.

Do you Remember Marvel’s Transformers? I Mean.. Megamorphs?

Do you the remember the toy market in the early 2000's? I do. It was littered with Power Rangers and the return of another commercially naked toy cash cow, The Transformers. Optimus and Co. returned in Transformers Armada, and with any success, there is of course the occasional copycat - I mean look at the superhero film genre right now.. So Marvel produced their own toy line, The Megamorphs, which were giant mecha which can transform into a vehicle form with each mecha represents it's pilots powers and skills.

A brief history of Captain Canuck

Wolverine isn't the only superhero you know. Also, Captain America isn't the only patriotic superhero named after a country
darkest knight

A brief history of Batman in Darkest Knight

I guess the meme (If I remember to use the right image below) sums it up all up really. Batman, the superhero with the strongest will, imagination and drive posses a powerful weapon which is fueled by those qualities. Our story is basically a "What If?" set midway through Batman Year One, a story of Batman's first year of being a crime fighter.

Hey Marvel! How about Spider-man 2099

So by now the epic celebration parties for The Marvel and Sony deal should have died down and I can say something about Spider-man...

A Fan Film Review – Marvel Knights: Spider-Man

Video: Marvel Knights: Spider-Man (fan film), produced by madeLEGITmedia I like Spider-Man and I also like watching fan films on Youtube. So like Vegeta and...
Iron Fist

A Brief History of Iron Fist

So now I've gotta a reason to subscribe to Netflix and of course at least four to five weeks of 'Brief Histories' sorted because this week Disney announced that they're teaming up with Netflix to produce four superhero shows which would lead into a short mini-series called the Defenders.

DC 1940s style pin ups don’t get any better than this

Check out these amazing 1940's style Pin Up posters starting some of the greatest DC bombshells, both heroes and villains. Quantum Mechanics are offering 18"...

My thoughts on the Power Rangers comics

So if you haven't noticed, The Power Rangers are celebrating a 20 year anniversary and being 'slightly' interested the fandom of The Power Rangers I've noticed that the general criticism of the series is that it isn't mature enough. Of course you should expect this from a show that's aimed at kids and a show that is arguably made on a strict budget will not take creative risks.
Spider Man Cover

A brief history of The Amazing Spider-man

So after seeing The Amazing Spider-man 2 I thought I'd do a brief recap of the film's origins of The Amazing Spider-Man and point out the changes and where this could lead us...
superior spider-man

A brief history of the Spider-verse so far

It's safe to say I'm actually quite excited for the Spider-verse event. A Marvel comics event which team up every Spider-man ever. That means the guy from the future (Spider-man 2099 and 2211), interpretations from different cultures (Mangaverse Spider-man and Spider-man India) and alternate futures (Spider-girl and again, Spider-man 2099). To kick it off, Marvel have a printed a new issue of the ended series of The Superior Spider-man. The series which housed the run of Doctor Octopus in Spider-man's body.

A Brief History of the Daredevil Costume

Daredevil Daredevil Daredevil Daredevil. It's all I seem to hear about on a bi-weekly basis now. "Oh, look a new image from Daredevil!". "A new...

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