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Resident evil images

The Resident Evil Avengers

So a day like any other came. Zombies appeared and Halloween is coming so it makes this kind of relevant. With STARS disbanded and brains gobbled up around, someone commissioned the Avengers of the Resident Evil universe. So who made the line up? Let's find out.
Spiderman Covers

Who The Superior Spider-Man Should Have Been

So Spider-man. There's a character whose been through a lot of twists and turns, many you probably didn't know about too. To list a...

Marvel Phase 2 And 3 Artwork. A First Look At Scarlet...

Earlier this week Marvel released a collection of new artwork from three of its upcoming films. The collection includes artwork from Guardians Of The Galaxy and The Avengers: Age Of Ultron along with the recently announced phase 3 film Ant Man.
The new robin

What’s Next for Robin?

So the mantle is Robin is up for grabs. This is since Damian Wayne met his end recently in the comic book series Batman Incorporated. So you’re probably hoping for some spoilers into how it happened right ? Well you wont have to worry about that since I haven’t actually read it yet...
X-Men Days of Future Past Cover

What’s Next for the X-Men Franchise?

Before we kick this off, I'm just doing to get this off my chest. **SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS ** for X-Men: Days of Future Past as well as for all of you who haven't seen any of the past 5 X-men films. Right, with that out of the way, here are my thoughts on what's next for the X-Men franchise.

A Brief Look-back at the Death of Spider-man

I'm always interested when the mainstream press report on the comic book industry, mostly from a journalistic point of view since most news journalists have to copy a huge range of topics, some they're probably not familiar with. So when it came to the reports surrounding of the death of Spider-man storyline and the plans to have a new character become Spider-man, my attention was captured.

Beyond G.I. Joe X Transformers, we go Crossover Crazy.

Shared universes are a big thing with blockbusters right now, it's already being discussed that they should cross over the Transformers and G.I Joe movies - just like they did in the cartoons. But now it's time to take things further, much further.

Why We Should Look Deeper at the Superior Spider-man

Do you know how I treated myself this week when I discovered my Comixology app was running again? I treated myself to an issue of the Superior Spider-man. This was part of an ongoing comic treat for me because I'd been buying a set of issues from the series due to the return of one my favourite Spider-man characters - the Spider-man of 2099.

But I'll leave that one to a 'future' date.
spider woman wide

A brief history of Ultimate Spider-woman

So if you didn't know, the Amazing Spider-man's source material is a hybrid of two different universes. It's a mixture of the Ultimate Universe a modern re-telling of the Marvel continuity and a writers playground for writers to kill or do whatever they want with characters, or even alternate characters origins and a mixture of Earth 616, the 'regular' Marvel universe.

Jimmy Olsen cast in Supergirl

More news from the Supergirl production, now Jimmy Olsen has been cast. We're just excited because it'll be better than the movie that we're not supposed to talk about.

I Dare You to Guess who’s Playing Daredevil Now…

Marvel yesterday announced more casting and production roles for it's upcoming Netflix projects, the first of which being the man without fear.. Daredevil.

4 Interesting Facts About Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6, the Japanese superhero team that taught the world how to hug and fist bump as well kicking some bad guy butt,...
Masks and all

The Anime/Manga Avengers

Last week we gave you the run down of who I think should be the gaming worlds answers to the Avengers and this week I'll give you an idea of who out of Japans cultures should team up.

The Last Sheriff Review

Do you like cowboys? Guns? Violence? And decent artwork? Well you may just like the Last Sheriff then.

DC 1940s style pin ups don’t get any better than this

Check out these amazing 1940's style Pin Up posters starting some of the greatest DC bombshells, both heroes and villains. Quantum Mechanics are offering 18"...

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