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The Teen Titans First Adventure into Japan

OK, I'll confess, I'm actually talking about The Titans, not the Teen Titans, but if you read the rest of the article, it'll totally make sense as to why I slightly mislead you with this teasing opening.

Comic Review: The Rejects #2

It's the second issue and things are moving along nicely. How nicely, take the click bait and find out!

How we got to the DC Rebirth

How did we end up with the New 52? What was the New 52 all about?
DW – Four Doctors 2b

Comic Book Review: Doctor Who – The Four Doctors

The Doctor has encountered a huge threat to existence, this time, it's going to need more than one Doctor to make things right, but who could be pulling the strings of evil this time?
Power Rangers 0

It’s Time for The Power Rangers to Meet Doctor Who

You may already realise this, but I do rather enjoy Power Rangers and I'm rather fond of Doctor Who, so this month was great for me. I'll tell you why later, meanwhile let the stupid ideas commence.

I have an Idea for Marvel’s New Star Wars Comics

Where should Marvel take their latest comic property? Just what should you do with their newly returned Star Wars publishing rights? Made a sequel to Light Day? Maybe an Ewoks book? Just kidding.

How I got More Excited About Comics

Ladies and gentlemen, it almost happened, I almost got so unhappy with comics that I very nearly planned on taking a hiatus. Why was that? Well, I guess there were a few things. The most important thing is, how I got my groove back.
Power Rangers 0

Comic Review: Power Rangers #0

I've been waiting for a Power Rangers comic aimed at an older audience for a long time, the question is, will it be any good? Well, the short answer is, yes, it was good, but as we're here...

Beyond G.I. Joe X Transformers, we go Crossover Crazy.

Shared universes are a big thing with blockbusters right now, it's already being discussed that they should cross over the Transformers and G.I Joe movies - just like they did in the cartoons. But now it's time to take things further, much further.
Rock Lee

A Crazy Theory as to who Should Play Iron Fist in...

No, I still don't have a Netflix account, but I do reckon I've sorted out the casting for Iron Fist, thank me later Marvel, because now it's time for the will of youth. Rise up bushy brows, your time has come.

Comic Fans – Here is What To Look Forward To In...

Well, 2015 is officially over, and thus 2016 is underway - which, of course, means a whole host of new nerdy things for comic fans the world over to look forward to! And with this handy article, you'll know exactly what to get pumped for in the coming 12 months - so let's jump right into it!

Comics of 2015: Dynamite Battlestar Galactica: The Death Of Apollo

It's not a year-in-comics without me talking about Battlestar Galactica! I mean it's not based on the 2004 TV series I obsessed over last year, it's based on the original, but this one is kind of interesting. First, though let's have a quick history lesson.

Comics of 2015: Justice League: Darkseid War: Green Lantern #1

So we continue the countdown of what I reckon were the best comic books I've read this year with a Green Lantern comic. This week, we shall talk about Green Lantern The Darkseid War one shot. Which I thought was rather good.

Comics of 2015: Switch #1 Comic Recap

It's been a good year for comics this year, such as a new series of Switch. Lots has happened this year, with it being an Avengers year and all, though the movie scene has been a little quiet, but of course we've had a steady collection of trailers along the way.

A brief history of Daredevil, The Agent of SHIELD

What would've happened if Daredevil was an Agent of SHIELD? If the road forks in front of you, do you always end up at the same destination? How can the Daredevil story differ with one little change?

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