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X-Men spin-off film New Mutants in the works

The New Mutants film has been rumoured for a while, but the announcement that Fox have picked up director Josh Boone for the project is the first solid lead that the project is going ahead.

Wonder Woman shot released

Over the last couple of months we’ve seen a lot debate and talk about the Wonder Woman costume. It’s not just her costume either, the debate about the Bat-suit and what could come next for Superman was a abuzz to...
radioactive man

A brief history of The Simpsons’ Radioactive Man

"The world is safe again eh Fallout boy?" "Watch out Radioactive Man! Watch out Radioactive Man! Watch out Radioactive Man!" Not the Marvel comics villain...for this...
young justice

A Brief History of: Young Justice

Do you know what was nice about this past week? #RenewYoungJustice was trending on Twitter, but why would Young Justice trending cheer me up? Well,...
darkest knight

A brief history of Batman in Darkest Knight

I guess the meme (If I remember to use the right image below) sums it up all up really. Batman, the superhero with the strongest will, imagination and drive posses a powerful weapon which is fueled by those qualities. Our story is basically a "What If?" set midway through Batman Year One, a story of Batman's first year of being a crime fighter.

A brief history of Mexican Spider-Man

  So, you've seen me chat about Japanese Spider-man in his many forms over time. Now today I shall talk to you about Mexican Spider-man. Not...

A Set of Spider-men I Want to See in the Spider-verse

So Peter Parker is back as Spider-man and it turns it out a little later this year we'll be seeing a ton of other Spider-men and the occasional spider-lady as part of Dan Slott's 'Spider-verse'. With a huge promise to include every Spider-man ever, they must all combine their webs to combat the evil vampire Morlun.

A Brief History of Battlestar Galactica Season Zero (Part 1)

Recently I've set myself a personal goal. The goal is expand my horizons, and I'm going to achieve this by reading a wider rangers of comics. I've been delving into different genres, different publishers and anything that differed from my usual reading diet of Spider-man and co. So I began to do keyword searches on Comixology and see what came up.

A Brief History of Spider-girl

No this isn't Emma Stone or Gwen Stacey suiting up in cosplay. This Spider-Girl is of another universe and a short-lived, quickly buried storyline. Don't know too much about her? Well let me tell you a little more.

Africa Dips Its Toes Into The Comics Game, And The Results...

I’m going to apologize for the brevity of information here, but it’s not because I didn’t look or because it’s hidden somewhere deep and dank. It’s because this is still very, very new. There just isn’t a lot out there, in terms of actual material or publicity for what is out there. But it’s brilliant, and more people should know about it, so here we go.

My thoughts on the Power Rangers comics

So if you haven't noticed, The Power Rangers are celebrating a 20 year anniversary and being 'slightly' interested the fandom of The Power Rangers I've noticed that the general criticism of the series is that it isn't mature enough. Of course you should expect this from a show that's aimed at kids and a show that is arguably made on a strict budget will not take creative risks.

A brief history of the Punisher

It's not punishment, it's an article. If you got my clever tagline reference to the 2004 Punisher film, then give yourself a hearty pat...

A Brief History of Battlestar Galactica Season Zero (Part 2)

So now we proceed onto part two of my brief summary and critique of Dynamite Comics' Battlestar Galactica Season Zero comic series. Where we finished off last time was with issue 2, so this week I'm going to talk about issues 3 to 5 as new a story arc begins.. or does it?
The Other Spider-Man

A Brief History of Spider-man and the Other

Were you expecting a Brief History based around Battlestar Galactica Season Zero? If so, you may have to wait, since this week has been a busy one for me and for new comic releases. This week we'll be discussing what, in my opinion, is one of the most creepiest Spider-man story arcs. I'm actually that creeped out by it that I've currently taken out one ear-phone, just in case.

A Brief History and Review of Ultimates 3: Who Killed the...

This week I decided to do something a little bit different. I'm going to shoot up a Brief History, but just so people don't think I'm a one trick pony I'm going to throw in a bit of a review as well.

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