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Arrow Adds a New Hero to It’s Arsenal

With Arrow on target for a third season, it's about time that the Emerald started to gain a support team of his own and...

A Deeper Look at the Walking Dead: Volume 1

The Walking Dead is one of the most successful franchises in the world at the moment, stretching from comics, to television, to games, to...

Goku vs Irredeemable Too Violent to Work?

A fight to the death or the end of reality?

Check Out This Infographic On Your Favourite DC Super Villains!

This is a fantastic follow on from our post about newcomers and comics and our first post on DC Superheroes, to celebrate the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has commissioned something awesome for newcomers to comics, and something essential for die-hard fans alike; an infographic that details some of the key Characters from the universe.

Gwen did we get a Gwenpool?

So, who is Gwen Stacy? Well, she was one of Spider-man's love interests who was killed by the Green Goblin and was always Peter Parker's "one that got away." Since she was portrayed by Emma Stone in The Amazing Spider-man, the character has returned to the shores of comic books during the Spider-verse event.
Marvel vs DC

A Brief History of Comic Multiverses

I think I'm going to talk about parallel universes this week. Yeah I think I'm going to do that. So I'd say alternate realities are a big staple of superhero comics like Marvel and DC, though I'd say they were a little bigger for DC.

The Starship Avengers

I haven't done one of these in a while so let's get straight down to business. So there came a day like no other where a starship (You can pick which one, I'm not too fussy) faced a threat like no other, and since Spider-man and Captain America can't fly a starship, a team of Starship Avengers had to be called in.

Gleeful Supergirl Cast Announced

CBS have this week announced the cast of their Supergirl show. The show, which is based on the DC Comics character is set to join The Flash, Arrow* and Constantine, with a Teen Titans series also in the works.
spider woman wide

A brief history of Ultimate Spider-woman

So if you didn't know, the Amazing Spider-man's source material is a hybrid of two different universes. It's a mixture of the Ultimate Universe a modern re-telling of the Marvel continuity and a writers playground for writers to kill or do whatever they want with characters, or even alternate characters origins and a mixture of Earth 616, the 'regular' Marvel universe.
Fisher 5

A Brief History of Batman Snow

'Tis the season to be dark and broody. Yes, folks, it's the new made up holiday all for nerds. That's right, Batman Day returns. The year after, it'll be known as Batman Day Strikes Again.

A brief history of Superboy

It's not only the man that is super. So grab your capes and forget your outside pants it's time to talk about Super

A Brief History of Supergirl

You know how people say comic book continuity can get really really complicated? Well, Supergirl can be a fine example of that because there has...

Happy Early Birthday Batman!

That's right, it's been 75 years since the caped crusader appeared Detective Comics back in 1939 and to get us all hyped at Batman: The animated series animator Bruce Timm has produced an animated short grabbing the Batman spirits by the horns.
The Joker

A brief history of The Joker

I guess the joke really is on me for trying to briefly summaries the history of a truly mad man. You see, being a man of comics and people proudly telling me that I'm a "comic book guy" has always lead to certain questions, one which tends to be recurring is '"Who is The Joker? and what's his origin story?" So eventually I made the effort to find the answer to these questions and quickly found out one thing: The Joker is so crazy he can't remember his own origin, or just simply doesn't want to tell anyone.
the evil within 5

The Evil Within Comic Adaptation on the way

Ian Edginton is back for more video game adaptation.

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