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Ultimate Hero

Check Out This Infographic On Your Favourite DC Superheroes!

This is a fantastic follow on from our post about newcomers and comics, to celebrate the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has commissioned something awesome for newcomers to comics, and something essential for die-hard fans alike; an infographic that details some of the key Characters from the universe.
The Flash

A brief history of The Flash (part 4)

So now we come onto the final hero who took on the mantle of The Flash.
Injustice: Gods Among Us

We Can’t Leave Injustice Up To Fate! Characters I Think Should...

So the Injustice: Gods Among Us release is closer than The Flash on the tale of a super villain. So before we let that event pass us in a Flash it's time for a list of characters that I think should be in the game or be considered for DLC.
The Flash

A Brief History of The Flash (Part 3)

So now were onto the third hero who took the mantle of The Flash. Sadly this one character that could be suffering from middle child syndrome.

The Next Robin Should Be…

So it's time to continue who I think should be the next Robin after the unfortunate demise of Damian Wayne. In my opinion for this next Robin (which will come because I believe in the idea that every Batman needs a Robin) needs to be a mould breaker, someone with super powers and is something we've never seen before...
Grim Leaper

Grim Leaper – A Love Story to Die For

There’s an art form to creating a comic that combines gruesome death, comedy and true love - well, successfully that is. But that’s exactly what Grim Leaper does. And superbly too.
The new robin

What’s Next for Robin?

So the mantle is Robin is up for grabs. This is since Damian Wayne met his end recently in the comic book series Batman Incorporated. So you’re probably hoping for some spoilers into how it happened right ? Well you wont have to worry about that since I haven’t actually read it yet...
The Flash

A Brief History of The Flash (Part 2)

So last week you probably noticed I kept talking about a 'new Flash' - now it time to tell that story. Barry Allen was born late and was mostly described as enjoying taking things slow. In his childhood his mother was killed and his father was blamed, this mystery still hasn't been solved...
The Flash

A Brief History of The Flash (Part 1)

So for this segment were going to run through the legacy of a superhero called The Flash. Overall there's been four people who have taken up the mantle of The Flash. This week we'll start at the beginning and work our way through a confusing but entertaining legacy...
1st issues

First Issues

This is done usually to signify a significant change in the continuity of the book or in DC’s case for the New 52. Which is an overall reboot of the book. The current line of issue 1’s comes from Marvel Now! Marvel’s attempt at complete creative change. Overall this can be a good idea as it gives new readers the best chance they’ll get to jump onto a new book that maybe they were intimidated by at first or draw back readers who stopped reading it because they lost interest...
Karate Kid

A Brief History Of The Karate Kid.

This 'a brief history of..' series will act as your caped crusaders guide to the world of comic characters. Giving everyone a chance to learn more about the world of comics...

Junk: A Hero That Isn’t Rubbish.

Don't worry the picture will make sense. So last week you probably caught my piece on Japanese superheroes. One common convention of superhero comics is that in a team up situations their a just a few characters that just don't work out...
Masks and all

The Anime/Manga Avengers

Last week we gave you the run down of who I think should be the gaming worlds answers to the Avengers and this week I'll give you an idea of who out of Japans cultures should team up.
The Way We Write

The Way We Write Review

The Way We Write - The comic is definitely worth a look at, the artwork is a fantastic cartoon style that really lends itself to the impressive range of facial expressions in the drawings. It’s an awesome effect when at one point the lights are off and the comic changes from colour to black and white and then back again...
video game avengers

The Avengers of the Gaming World

So The Avengers happened, and like any clever movie producer this idea will be copied to kingdom come to get all the residual guaranteed pay slips. So to buck up the trend here's a few ideas for what Avengers style team ups I think would work. The Video Game Avengers: So after this line here's comes the list of video game characters I think would make for a great team up..

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