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Miles Morales

Four Theories on who Miles Morales is on Earth 616

Now that Miles has settled into the main Marvel Universe, who could the native Miles Morales be in Earth 616, and is he a friend or foe?

Four Directions the Power Rangers Comics Should Explore

With BOOM Comics! Power Rangers event, Shattered Grid, coming to an end what does the future hold for the Power Rangers?

The Teen Titans First Adventure into Japan

OK, I'll confess, I'm actually talking about The Titans, not the Teen Titans, but if you read the rest of the article, it'll totally make sense as to why I slightly mislead you with this teasing opening.

Saban Properties that Probably Won’t get the Comicbook Treatment

Why you may not be seeing Ryan Steel in the Power Rangers comics for a while

4 Interesting Facts About The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles began life on a comic book page and have touched the lives of various generations of kids and teenagers...

Here’s What I Think About Spider-man #1

So it begins; the new chapter in Marvel history, a new era for Spider-man and everyone else. It's the first 'reboot' in Marvel history, so what does that spell for Spider-man?

n3 Gift Guide 2016 – Comics Galore!

Christmas is coming up, and as it gets colder people are getting their Christmas shopping resentfully complete. For those of you who have been tasked with buying comics for a male or female that you tolerate, have no fear... I have some ideas.

Avengers: Infinity War – Who are the Black Order?

With the release of the first Avengers: Infinity War trailer, hype is at an all time high for the highly anticipated two-part film.
Rock Lee

A Crazy Theory as to who Should Play Iron Fist in...

No, I still don't have a Netflix account, but I do reckon I've sorted out the casting for Iron Fist, thank me later Marvel, because now it's time for the will of youth. Rise up bushy brows, your time has come.

New Look for Familiar Faces in X-Men Blue #1

DISCLAIMER: I know very little about X-Men past and present so if I say something horribly inaccurate don't hesitate to tweet @spud497 and correct...

What the Next Power Rangers Mega Event Should Be

BOOM! Studios' Power Rangers event, Shattered Grid, is coming to an end this month as it wraps up the Summer with a dramatic bang. Though...

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