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fantastic four

Fantastic Four could present Top Gear

Move aside Chris Evans and co. The Fantastic Four need a job, looks like they'll need to take yours. So move aside and let's...

This would’ve worked for the Fantastic Four

How can we fix the Fantastic Four movie? Without going to see it or watch it, of course.

Happy Early Birthday Batman!

That's right, it's been 75 years since the caped crusader appeared Detective Comics back in 1939 and to get us all hyped at Batman: The animated series animator Bruce Timm has produced an animated short grabbing the Batman spirits by the horns.

How I got More Excited About Comics

Ladies and gentlemen, it almost happened, I almost got so unhappy with comics that I very nearly planned on taking a hiatus. Why was that? Well, I guess there were a few things. The most important thing is, how I got my groove back.

Marvel Need to Keep The Ultimate Fantastic Four

When will we see The Fantastic Four make their return to the pages of Marvel Comics? It's probably only a matter of time, but what version will see?
G.I. Joe Cobra Issue 1 Variant

4 Facts About G.I. Joe Comics

G.I. Joe was a staple of the Saturday morning cartoon scene back in the 80s which helped to create a cult following leading to...
The Flash

A Brief History of The Flash (Part 1)

So for this segment were going to run through the legacy of a superhero called The Flash. Overall there's been four people who have taken up the mantle of The Flash. This week we'll start at the beginning and work our way through a confusing but entertaining legacy...

Death of Wolverine, You’re Not Going to Like What This Comic...

Charles Soule and Steve McNiven having been given the job of killing off one of the Marvel Universe's best known characters. In June a new story line is going to start in the pages of Wolverine entitled "Three Months to Die". Following on from this is Soule and McNiven's 4 issue short series called the "Death Of Wolverine".

The Apprentice is Perfect for Super Villains

Picture this: you're a comicbook style supervillain, you want to put your numerous enemies through some pure misery but you've done everything in the book. You've tried to oust your superheroes foil secret identity, kill someone they love, and even pee through their letterbox.
Judge Dredd feature Image

A brief history of Judge Dredd

Ok were not here to Judge Dredd, but I'd Dredd to do it in front of him if I had to...

4 Interesting Facts About The Spider-Verse

Spider-man Into The Spider-Verse swung into the Box Office and webbed up the critics with all its success. Though do you know any cool...

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