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n3rdabl3 is super nerdy about the world of music, from instruments, to video game music, to movie scores.
Silent Hill 2 Screenshot

‘Silent Hill 2’ Soundtrack Coming to Vinyl

Want to feel deep feelings of unease, if not outright fear, even when your PlayStations and Xbox's are off? Mondo, in association with Death...

Mark Hamill & Ariana Grande Develop A Close Twitter Friendship

In an almost bizarre turn of events, Mark Hamill and Ariana Grande proved to the world that they could be the closest of friends as an innocent Twitter love was struck between the pair by a recent tweet from Mark.

Octopath Traveler Is Getting An Official Remix Album In 2019

Winner of Nintendo Game of the Year award at The Golden Joysticks 2018, and nominee for Best Score/Music at the upcoming Game Awards 2018 at, Square Enix is set to release an official remix of Octopath Traveler's soundtrack in 2019. Famitsu Magazine unveiled the project in their most recent issue, reporting a February 20th, 2019 release date for Japanese audiences. 

War Child UK to Host Bethesda Game Studios in Concert

War Child UK along with Bethesda and Metropolis Music has announced War Child UK Presents Bethesda Game Studios in Concert a live music event that'll feature music from the developer's long history of games.

‘Powerpuff Girls’ Character Cameos in New Gorillaz Video

Gorillaz have released a brand new song, "Humility," and a music video to go along with it which features some pretty interesting cameos. The video...
Chip Tanaka DJ-ing live on an Apple MacBook

Earthbound, Tetris Composer Chip Tanaka Releases Studio Album

After a prolific career as one of Nintendo’s chief sound designers, chiptune pioneer Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka - under the name Chip Tanaka - has...

Nobuo Uematsu and Symphonic Odysseys London team up for live concert

If you're a fan of the music from games such as Final Fantasy, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey and many more then you are in for a treat. Merregnon Studios, the creators of the award winning Final Symphony and Symphonic Fantasies music concerts, have announced they are returning to London this June.

Galactic Empire are Bringing Their Metal-Infused Force to the UK

Now, I've seen and heard many metal versions of the Star Wars theme, but what I haven't seen before is an entire band dedicated to turning Star Wars into a metal phenomenon, and actually pull it off well. Well, that was until I saw Galactic Empire's take on the star wars theme.
converse all wah

Converse has Made a Pair of Shoes with a Wah Pedal...

Here's an interesting news piece for guitarists and wearers of Converse All Stars... The company has this week announced that they've created a new pear of Converse All Stars complete with a built-in Wah Pedal.

Here’s What it Would Sound Like if Kylo Ren was in...

It's happened, it's finally happened. One of my favourite YouTube creators, Jarrod Alonge, has finally created something I can post on n3rdabl3, and it's totally relevant too, though I'd probably warn you, if you haven't seen the latest Star Wars movie yet, I'd avoid this completely.

Kanye’s Latest Twitter Rant Reveals New Album is Tidal Exclusive

After Kanye West's Twitter outburst yesterday asking Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion to fund "Kanye West ideas," the rapper continued to post more Tweets over the course of the evening, one of which revealed that his new album, The Life of Pablo, will be a permanent Tidal exclusive.
Kanye West leaving building after incident

Kanye West Wants $1 Billion from Mark Zuckerberg for “Kanye West...

Kanye West is no stranger to posting weird things on Twitter, but this morning is just an oddity. After revealing that he's the owner of $53 million worth of personal debts, he then started to beg Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion, for... get this... "Kanye West ideas".
Image: The Beatles pictured on 6th September 1963

The Beatles are Coming to Streaming Services this Christmas, Apparently

Much like the old man who shuns any form of technology only to be wielding the latest bit of tech once it becomes a little too popular, 60s music sensation, The Beatles will be coming to streaming services this Christmas, according to Billboard.
taylor swift

Taylor Swift to Release Tour Documentary Exclusively on Apple Music

Once hater of Apple's music streaming service, Taylor Swift has warmed to the Cupertino company and has revealed that she'll be releasing her tour documentary exclusively on Apple Music.

Apparently, The Wu-Tang Clan… or Bill Murray, Can Steal Back the...

If you've been living under a musical-free rock these past few weeks, you may have missed that the super secret, one of a kind, Wu-Tang Clan album, The Wu - Once Upon A Time In Shaolin had been purchased by everyone's favourite Pharmaceutical Mogul, Martin Shkreli. As a result, fans of The Wu-Tang Clan and pretty much everyone has been somewhat frustrated that we're probably never going to hear this album now.

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