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Dragon Ball Super is the Newest Dragon Ball TV Series in...

18 years? Man, that makes me feel old! I remember spending most afternoons watching Dragon Ball Z and most recently trying to re-watch the original Dragon Ball series so I can get to grips with the show's story. Now however more is coming to the Dragon Ball universe in the series first original TV series in 18 years, Dragon Ball Super.

The Supermen Avengers

So a day came like no other, The Avengers were gone and it was up to the moral compass for the DC Universe to call on his counterparts to counter an evil no other hero could withstand. That day the Supermen Avengers were born. But who stars in this collective of super-men? Well I'll tell you.

Celebrate n3rdabl3 Turning Three with 30% off Domino’s Pizza! #n3turns3

This week we'll be celebrating turning three-years-old in style, the first part of which is with pizza! Everyone loves pizza and that's definitely something we love too here at n3. So we absolutely dived on the chance to work with Domino's Pizza to create our own Pizza Legend which in return, we can offer you 30 per cent off of that very same pizza!
Jared Leto Joker

Joker and Harley Quinn aren’t misunderstood

Joker and Harley are not some misunderstood kids. They are very bad people.

Check Out The Two New Assassin’s Creed Books From Titan Books!

I'm a lover of all things Assassin's Creed. It's a lesser known fact around here at n3rdabl3 and I think it's mainly because I...

Over 2 Million Minecraft Books Have Sold in the UK Alone..

Head into any good book store in the UK and chances are in the top 40 charts you'll find a Minecraft themed book, whether it's a recipe book, a how-to book, or something else all together, it's clear Minecraft is a very, very popular title. It's so popular that last year books based on video games were worth £14.5 million, that's a rise of almost £10 million year-on-year.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: To the Stargate!

I miss space operas on TV, like Stargate, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica. To a certain extent, maybe, just maybe in a low moment, Enterprise. It says something about the standard of your show if the best episodes are set in a parallel universe.

A Brief History of the Daredevil Costume

Daredevil Daredevil Daredevil Daredevil. It's all I seem to hear about on a bi-weekly basis now. "Oh, look a new image from Daredevil!". "A new...

How Ant-Man is avoiding issues from the comics

What they problems are with Ant-Man and how the movie looks like it's trying to fix those problems.

McDonalds Dashes All Hopes for a McWhopper Burger

This week something magical happened. Burger King wrote an open letter to McDonalds asking for the two companies to come together for Peace Day and offer a burger that we can only dream of... The McWhopper. A hybrid of McDonald's Big Mac and Burger King's McDolands. Hell, Burger King even let McDolands go on top for this one. But sadly, McDonads declined the offer saying that the two companies could do more.

Josh reads The Jem And The Holograms comic

So maybe I was a little hard on the trailer. Let's give this another go.

What Would Superman Have in a Utility Belt?

So if you managed to get past the headline without furiously raging: "Why does Superman need a utility belt...waaaah this is worse then Superman 3!" Then I'd like to take this moment to congratulate you on your level of endurance.

So I was thinking, a rare event, I know, but what would Superman have in a utility belt? Akin to Batman's and even to Spider-man (who had the Spider-signal in his). Let's be honest, Superman isn't perfect and he may need a couple of extensions to maintain that heroic reputation.

So here's a few ideas I had lined up.

Do you Remember Marvel’s Transformers? I Mean.. Megamorphs?

Do you the remember the toy market in the early 2000's? I do. It was littered with Power Rangers and the return of another commercially naked toy cash cow, The Transformers. Optimus and Co. returned in Transformers Armada, and with any success, there is of course the occasional copycat - I mean look at the superhero film genre right now.. So Marvel produced their own toy line, The Megamorphs, which were giant mecha which can transform into a vehicle form with each mecha represents it's pilots powers and skills.
Realistic Pokemon smaller

These Realistic Renditions of Pokemon are what Nightmares are Made of..

No matter what Pokemon you look at, whether it's a cutie like Pikachu, or a bad ass looking dragon like Charizard, current Pokemon art is kid-friendly, easily recognisable, and down right adorable. But what if Pokemon were real? What if they really did leap out at you when you wandered in the bushes? Well one artist has decided to create realistic renditions of our favourite Pokemon, and they're absolutely terrifying.

Romeo and Juliet: 300 Style Reboot?

Romeo and Juliet in the same vein as 300? Sony is currently in negotiations to pick up 'Verona', the name of the town in which...

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