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Marvel top 5 main image

Top 5 places to go in the Marvel Universe

Let's face it, holidays aren't the best idea, well not in this universe anyway. So let's talk about a little scenario I have - say I could give you access to a device which could transport to the Marvel Universe, where would you go?

A brief history of Gotham by Gaslight Batman

Alternate universes tend to be a playground for writers, a place to let loose no kill character like Superman, a place for Spider-man to marry Black Cat, or heroes re-imagined in different scenarios - like Captain America if he lived during the Civil War.
Iron man armours

Iron Man armour Tony Stark should have

Iron Man has a lot of armours. But there are a lot of bad guys out their and that one size fits all armour can't always win the day.

Cue armours like the Hulkbuster armour, a huge suit designed for battle the Hulk.

So here's a couple ideas I had for armours Iron Man could have a use for.

A brief history of Green Arrow

So I think I may have under estimated how popular Green Arrow is. On the outside Green Arrow looks like a gimmicky superhero which has basically been kept alive by the nostalgic whims of older writers. Whilst this character seemed to be kept on life support the comparisons with the most popular non powered billionaire seem hard to resist.
Iron Man armour top 5

Top 5 Iron Man Armours

So Iron Man has a lot of armours, the relationship to his armour is similar to that of an averages persons relationship with Primark trainers. This reflected the progressing world of technology and how his suit constantly advanced. In the early days the technology in the suit would change and would somehow overcome that months bad guys, though in general the appearance wouldn't change. To contradict the films, Stark kept the grey armour for a quite a while, then gave it a gold paint job to make it look less scary and before finally settling in a slim gold and yellow model to overcome yet another villain. So here's my top 5 favourite armours Tony Stark has donned in mainstream and alternate continuities.
cyborg superman

A brief history of Cyborg Superman

To break my robotic mould of just writing about good guys here's my first brief history about a super-villain even if he does have a huge link to a superhero. That's right were talking about Cyborg Superman - he's half human, half robot and 100% evil.

My thoughts on the Power Rangers comics

So if you haven't noticed, The Power Rangers are celebrating a 20 year anniversary and being 'slightly' interested the fandom of The Power Rangers I've noticed that the general criticism of the series is that it isn't mature enough. Of course you should expect this from a show that's aimed at kids and a show that is arguably made on a strict budget will not take creative risks.

A brief history of The Green Lantern

First, for a brief history of The Green Lantern forget the film 'Green Lantern'. Once you've done that we'll begin with telling you about Hal Jordan.
Teen titans go

Getting animated

So as you've probably noticed the superhero genre has swung into animation. Currently like anything in comics it tends to be a two horsed race between DC and Marvel.

A brief history of Batgirl

Batgirl always lived in the shadow of Robin in terms of popularity, I hope to shine a Batlight on her and correct that.

Why I ‘Fell’ in Love… And then it broke my heart.

Fell is one of those comics I picked up out of pure wonder. I had NO idea what to expect, and, if I’m honest, I still have no idea what happened.

A brief history of Superboy

It's not only the man that is super. So grab your capes and forget your outside pants it's time to talk about Super
Women in comic books

Anti-matter gender issues

As I'm sure you know sexual equality and the inclusion of minorities are important factors to consider in modern media. These days, comics are no different to cinema or even video games..

A brief history of War Machine

So James Rhodes has cemented his place in the Marvel cinematic universe. So let's armour up and take a trip down memory lane.

The Best Alternate Universe Comic Book Characters

Alternate realities are a big thing in comics. Especially for DC comics, this is usually how DC keeps their stories fresh and gives writers a creative playground. In these playgrounds writers have produced a interesting innovation on many known characters.

Let me take me through my favourite top six (the solid number for The Avengers) of said character

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