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Batmany image

The many capes of Batman

So we all know that Batman is Bruce Wayne, but what happens when Bruce can't pick up the mantle? Well here's a few instances of when there was something different under the cowl.

A brief history of Venom

The black suit could be considered to one of Spider-man's most poisonous foes. Though do you know the story behind the black suit ?

Get your hands on the Deadpool game early !

The Merc with a mouth is making a special appearance at the London MCM expo this weekend. Attendants of the Expo will receive a world exclusive preview of the game which can be described as being 'hands on'.
Team dynamics

Comic Book Team Dynamics

This week let’s look at the brutal reality of superhero teams. Ok it’s not so brutal but it’s just more point I’d like to make.
red arrow

A brief history of Roy Harper

It's time to drop the illusion that Robin is the only sidekick. There certainly are others and today I will tell you about the most scandalous one.

Take a Super Look at Superman

So you might have guessed why I’m writing this article at this specific time. It could have something to do with Superman returning the big screen and what is hinted as being the start of the Justice League film continuity. It might have something to do with the initial good things people are hearing about the production so far. Or maybe it has something to do with it being the 75th anniversary of the character?
Human Torch by JD Hancock

A Brief History of the Human Torch

Okay, so most of you know about Johnny Storm the Human Torch of the Fantastic four, but did you ever know about the other two which teamed up with Captain America back in World War 2?

The Magic Avengers

So last week I bought my fantasy team of robotic Avengers. This week since Marvel haven't tried to sue me (yet) I'm going to bring you the complete opposite in the form of The Magic Avengers.
Superior Spider-man

A brief history of the Superior Spider-man

I think the rules of 'spoilers' don't apply now, so this week we're going to do something a little different. I'm going to try explain a plot twist which many comic outsiders will probably go "huh?" at.
robot avengers

The Robot Avengers

Superheroes can be robots. But what if one day all robot kind had to band together to face a threat like no other? Or what if one day the Avengers were off world and someone needed to take their place?

A Brief History of Deadpool

Superheroes are everywhere. It’s the most popular genre in comics. So when a non-superhero character becomes the main character in a Marvel or DC book, it’s a big thing.
carrie kelly

A brief history of Carrie Kelly

Today I am going to give you two lessons for the price of one. Not only will I inform you about another character but I'll also inform you about the world of alternate universes.
Strip image

Why Some Comics Probably Don’t Get Their Pages Turned

It's pretty safe to say in the world of comic book publishing the superhero genre is pretty much on top. Of course their are tonnes of tried and tested genres; Horror (Creepy), Science Fiction (Transformers) and War (G.I Joe). One genre got me thinking about why maybe these genres aren't celebrating the almost blanket success of the superhero genre.
Batman vs Predator

Why weird crossovers make superheroes more heroic

It's fair to say alongside a superheroes special powers or skills they're mostly wrapped up in plot armour...
Judge Dredd feature Image

A brief history of Judge Dredd

Ok were not here to Judge Dredd, but I'd Dredd to do it in front of him if I had to...

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