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Find everything to do with nerd culture here, whether it's cosplay, comic books, books in general, music, food and more. We're all nerds for something, so find out the latest nerdy things from n3rdabl3 right here.
Kick Ass

Is Kick Ass a Parody of the Superhero Genre?

In my opinion Kick Ass is one of those graphic novels you should probably read. Mostly for it's 'Wow how much realism is there...
Holy cover bag !

How To Get Into Comics

Editors Note: Let me introduce our latest writer Josh Francis, he's our resident comic book nerd and will be supplying you with comic book related columns for...
Invisible Bread

Featured Artist | Justin Boyd – Invisible Bread

Here's the first post of something I hope becomes a regular thing. I'm a big fan of digital art, street art, web comics, and...

Tutorial | How to Make an Altoids Tin Guitar

A few weeks ago I was browsing Instructables and came across this post. Now as a musician I'm really into strange instruments and custom...


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