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Find everything to do with nerd culture here, whether it's cosplay, comic books, books in general, music, food and more. We're all nerds for something, so find out the latest nerdy things from n3rdabl3 right here.

Comic Review: Future Quest #1

Do you remember those Saturday mornings watching Hanna-Barbera classics like The Flintstones or one of the twenty Scooby Doo cartoons that had have been thrown out in the last couple of years?

The Apprentice is Perfect for Super Villains

Picture this: you're a comicbook style supervillain, you want to put your numerous enemies through some pure misery but you've done everything in the book. You've tried to oust your superheroes foil secret identity, kill someone they love, and even pee through their letterbox.
Green Arrow

4 Interesting Facts About Green Arrow

Green Arrow is kind of like Batman if Batman shot arrows and was fond of the color green. Of course, that's one way to...

Takayas Custom Jewelry Creates Final Fantasy Treasures In The Real World

A few months back, I covered a creation by a custom jewelry maker called Takayas Custom Jewelry. At that time, the creation that was blowing my mind was a set of light saber rings. Star Wars and pretty things, how could it be more perfect, right? You can check out the awesome here, in case you missed it.

GammaRay Looks Behind the Scenes of our Favourite Nerd Culture Fandom

Skybound Entertainment has this week launched GammaRay, a brand new content platform which takes a look behind the scenes all of our favorite nerd and pop culture fandoms.

New Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition Could Eradicate Cheating

Monopoly is one of those games which likely ends in your friends and family never talking to each other again. Nobody is ever honest, and everyone's inner demon comes out to screw everyone over. Whether it's the banker stealing cash, under the table trading tactics, or simply just ruthlessly crushing your opponent, Monopoly isn't the best team building game... However, with the new Ultimate Banking Edition, that all could change.
Silent Hill 2 Screenshot

‘Silent Hill 2’ Soundtrack Coming to Vinyl

Want to feel deep feelings of unease, if not outright fear, even when your PlayStations and Xbox's are off? Mondo, in association with Death...

‘Homestar Runner’ Trogdor Board Game Exceeds Funding Goal

Thanks to 23,338 backers on Kickstarter, Homestar Runner fans will finally be able to live out their dreams of burninating the countryside--in board game form!
IDW turtles

A Brief Look at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vengeance

That word: "part 1" is never a good sign these days. Have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles become a victim of it? Well let's find out as I review the latest IDW trade paperback. Collecting issues 45-47 and the Free Comic Book Day Special.

Satire: Three Pieces of Product Placement I Want to see in...

Movies are expensive and flicks like The Flash will cost a whole lot of money to make so they're going to need to make the money up somehow to cover all the costs it'll occur, right? How can they do that? They'll just have to throw in some product placement to encourage movie-goers to go out and buy some stuff.

Avengers: Infinity War – Who is Thanos (a.k.a. The Mad Titan)?

After diving into the Black Order and the origins of the Infinity Stones, it's only fitting that we explore the man behind the curtain,...

Pornhub’s Insights for 2016 Reveals Gaming-related Stats

With another year over, it's another installment of Pornhub's Year in Review. While there are all sorts of wonderful, insightful, and completely NSFW stats...

These Cuphead POP! Vinyls are To Die For

Funko have announced a brand new line of Cuphead POP! Vinyl figures that might actually have me consider doing a deal with the devil.

Bethesda Shows off what’s in “The Art of Fallout 4”

Bethesda have given us a sneak peek at the upcoming book "The Art of Fallout 4", which is set to be released after the game's launch on December 22nd...

G4C 2018: Hands On (and Off) With ‘Opinions’

At the Games for Change Festival, video games aren’t the only things to experience. Opinions is an art installation/experience by artist and current New...

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