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Harley Quinn Animated Series Announces Cast

Arkham Asylum's most charismatic homicide inmate, Harley Quinn, is finally getting her very own show starring 8 Simple Rules and The Big Bang Theory's star Kaley Cuoco.

Where Could Netflix Go Next With Iron Fist?

Could Iron Fist have one last chance?

Funko Announce Hocus Pocus, Scooby-Doo, POP!s and Sailor Moon Minis

Funko’s near infinite line up will be extending ever further this year, the company has announced, with a trio of announcements coming ahead of...

Dark Horse Announced Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive

Square Enix and Dark Horse have announced they'll be releasing Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive, a compendium of art and notes from the developers chronicling the tale of the games' development.
taylor swift

Taylor Swift to Release Tour Documentary Exclusively on Apple Music

Once hater of Apple's music streaming service, Taylor Swift has warmed to the Cupertino company and has revealed that she'll be releasing her tour documentary exclusively on Apple Music.

Comic Review: Future Quest #1

Do you remember those Saturday mornings watching Hanna-Barbera classics like The Flintstones or one of the twenty Scooby Doo cartoons that had have been thrown out in the last couple of years?

The Apprentice is Perfect for Super Villains

Picture this: you're a comicbook style supervillain, you want to put your numerous enemies through some pure misery but you've done everything in the book. You've tried to oust your superheroes foil secret identity, kill someone they love, and even pee through their letterbox.
Green Arrow

4 Interesting Facts About Green Arrow

Green Arrow is kind of like Batman if Batman shot arrows and was fond of the color green. Of course, that's one way to...

Star Wars: Episode VIII Delayed until Late 2017

In a post on the Star Wars official website, the next installment in the main films, Star Wars: Episode VIII, will be seeing a late 2017 release.

G4C 2018: ‘HoloLAB Champions’: The Making of a VR Chemistry Lab

This weekend at the 2018 Games for Change Festival, Harley Baldwin, VP of Design at Schell Games, and Jesse Schell, CEO and Founder of...

McFarlane Toys May Have Unveiled the Titanfall 2 Release Window Early

Thanks to EA's earnings report for the quarter, we know that at some point between April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017 a new Titanfall game will launch. It's a pretty vague release window, though that may have just been shortened considerably thanks to an announcement from toymaker, McFarlane Toys.

Octopath Traveler Is Getting An Official Remix Album In 2019

Winner of Nintendo Game of the Year award at The Golden Joysticks 2018, and nominee for Best Score/Music at the upcoming Game Awards 2018 at, Square Enix is set to release an official remix of Octopath Traveler's soundtrack in 2019. Famitsu Magazine unveiled the project in their most recent issue, reporting a February 20th, 2019 release date for Japanese audiences. 
Sad Piggies

Sad Piggies is a Card Game Where you Help Pigs Commit...

Launching on Kickstarter today is a brand new card game called Sad Piggies, a game where you help pigs die horribly. Sounds depressing right? But it's not, trust me, it's all in good, morbid humour.
IDW turtles

A Brief Look at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vengeance

That word: "part 1" is never a good sign these days. Have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles become a victim of it? Well let's find out as I review the latest IDW trade paperback. Collecting issues 45-47 and the Free Comic Book Day Special.

Satire: Three Pieces of Product Placement I Want to see in...

Movies are expensive and flicks like The Flash will cost a whole lot of money to make so they're going to need to make the money up somehow to cover all the costs it'll occur, right? How can they do that? They'll just have to throw in some product placement to encourage movie-goers to go out and buy some stuff.

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