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Birds of Prey Film Might Have Filled It’s Last Major Role

Up and coming star Ella Jay Basco is currently in negotiations to play Cassandra Cain, according to Variety, which would land her in the last major role for the upcoming Harley Quinn spin-off, "Birds of Prey".

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Coming to PS4 in December

Fatshark has finally announced a release date for Warhammer's Vermantide 2 for the PlayStation 4, along with a beta that can be accessed through pre-ordering the game! Sneaky bastards.

Spyro Trilogy Remastered Has an Awesome 90’s Throwback, Cheat Codes!

If you remember growing up with Spyro igniting Gnorcs, saving your dragon comrades, and burninating sheep, you might also remember another little gem of the 90's; Cheat Codes.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Goes Gold; Additional Direct Details From Sakurai

In his weekly column for Famitsu magazine, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai shared some interesting follow-up thoughts on the latest Nintendo Direct.

Crackdown 3 Preloads Go Live, With a Twist

Crackdown 3 has become available to pre-download months before launch on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows 10, however, there is a slight, eyebrow-raising twist. It's only 100.8MB.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Coming 2019, Trailer Released

Muggles beware, the wizards are here! That’s right; the veil between our world and J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World has grown ever thinner thanks to a newly released trailer. The veil itself is set to burst wide open when Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is unleashed worldwide in 2019.

Gotham’s Final Season Trailer Arrives

FOX has released the final trailer for Gotham via a 40-second trailer posted on Twitter. This will mark the final chapter in the series and...

Rumor: Platinum Games is Working On Two Mystery Nintendo Switch Games

According to a Twitter update from rumor outlet LeakyPandy, Platinum Games - who have seen a fair bit of support from Nintendo since the...
Nintendo Switch with Red and Blue JoyCons

Nintendo Switch Eshop Adds Search Filters For Games

The Nintendo Switch's eShop has just received a new update which allows users to easily filter their searches. Users can now select price range,...

Just Cause 4 ‘Eye of the Storm’ Cinematic Trailer

During Microsofts XO18 event this past weekend, Avalanche Studios and Square Enix have unveiled a new cinematic trailer for Just Cause 4.

Exclusive Look At Dark Horse ‘Anthem’ Prequel Comic

Dark Horse Comics have delivered our very first look at the Anthem prequel comic which acts as a prequel to the upcoming game.
ABZÛ coral

The Wonderfully Watery World of Abzû is Coming to Switch

It’s news that will make some players very happy — others may be wondering what all the fuss is about… which means they’ve obviously missed out. I mean, how could you have not heard about Abzû?

Bioshock Remasters Might Be Getting Individual Releases

Even though you can purchase all three fantastic Bioshock Remastered games as a collection, and literally play any of them whenever you like, it appears each title will be getting their own, separate release.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to get Christmas Episode

Streaming giant Netflix has just revealed that The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina will be getting a special Christmas episode airing on December 14.

Detective Pikachu Poster Welcomes Fans to Ryme City

Ryme City, where the upcoming Detective Pikachu will take place, was the focus of a new poster for the film, following the release of the first trailer.


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