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I Am Setsuna Dev, Tokyo RPG Factory, Announces Next Game

Square Enix has today announced the next game from I Am Setsuna developer, Tokyo RPG Factory, titled LOST SPHEAR.

Mario Golf: World Tour Will Let you Play as your Mii!

Pushed back to a 2014 release at E3 last year, Nintendo have finally revealed a release date for their 3DS Mario themed golf title, Mario Golf: World Tour. Coming to 3DS in May 3, Mario Golf: World Tour will allow you to play the game using both your Mii and your favourite Mario characters.
Playmute device HQ white background

Playmute Kickstarter Hopes to Banish TV Ads Forever

Advertisements, everybody hates them but they're not going to go anywhere soon as many people rely on ad revenue for their companies to thrive, so instead why not block them out with something you'd rather see instead? Playmute is a brand new Kickstarter that hopes to offer something instead of advertisements for insurance, coffee, and toilet roll by simply clapping your hands.

Here’s a New Trailer for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

At New York Comic Con this weekend, Warner Bros. Interactive has unleashed the latest trailer for LEGO Marvel's Avengers showing off some of the game's key cinematic from the movies, as well as other blockbuster movies.

E3 2014: Halo: Nightfall Launching with Halo: The Masterchief Collection.

Halo will be getting a new live action series directed by the Sci-Fi prowess Ridley Scott. The series will focus on stories both past and future, including Master Chief's and will connect all the games together.

Get a Shuffle on! Pokémon Shuffle Lands in the Europe Nintendo...

Announced during Nintendo's Direct broadcast earlier this year, the free-to-play match-three puzzler which blends Puzzle & Dragon-type gameplay with adorable Pokémon has landed in the European Nintendo 3DS eShop!

More Steamworld Games are on the way, says Developer

Image & Form Games, the developer behind the hit Steamworld series has revealed that there are indeed some more Steamworld games on the way.

More Selfie Sticks Banned as Coachella and Lollapalooza Bans ’em too

This week Coachella and Lollapalooza revealed that if you planned to bring one of your obnoxious but totally awesome selfie sticks to their events, you can turn back around and take it back to where you found it from as they've officially banned them at their festivals later this year. Though selfie sticks are a fantastic way to get a more panoramic and full-frame shot of you and your friends, they're stupid and obnoxious and can just be a complete pain in the ass for anyone around you who's trying to take a normal photo of their surroundings.

David Goldfarb Talks Versus Mode in PayDay 2 Sequel.

PayDay 2 director David Goldfarb spoke with Rock, Paper, Shotgun last week and when asked about adding a versus mode into the mix he said it wasn't out of the question but it's just too big of a move right now.

Netflix Renews GLOW for a Second Season

Netflix has revealed that it's renewing its Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling series, GLOW, for a second season.

[News] Facebook has bought Instagram for a sweet $1bn.

The Internet bells are jingling about Facebook's recent acquisition of our app of the week, Instagram. So here's a short round up of what's been happening.Mark Zuckerberg announced...

This Transformers Devastation Trailer Looks Bad Ass

Transformers Devastation is the upcoming title from Platinum Games which throws players back to a nostalgic era of Transformers cartoons with elaborate bots, cartoony comic book-like graphics, and epic battles. And now we can see all of those in action in the game's first official gameplay trailer.

Aquaman Makes a Splash in First Trailer

Aquaman, one of the most anticipated DC Extended Universe movies since Wonder Woman, has finally received a trailer, and it doesn't look half bad.

Stardew Valley is Coming to iPhone and Android!

Stardew Valley is a game that never seems to get old and players have gotten to enjoy the game on nearly every console - apart from mobile that is. Coming October 24 - in just two weeks time - that's about to change!

E3 2014: Ubisoft Holding Back on Wii U for now

During an interview with Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, IGN learnt that the publisher will be holding back from development on the WiiU until the console grows more popular. The two released currently slated for appearance on Nintendo's follow-up to the Wii, Watchdogs and Just Dance 2014, will still be hitting a holiday release but it seems everything else has been put on a back burner.


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