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Find the latest comic book news from n3rdabl3 here, covering the likes of Marvel, DC, Titan Comics, Dark Horse, and more.

‘Shonen Jump’ Updates App and Subscription Packages

Shonen Jump magazine's online services will be dropping considerably in price for Americans this month.

Empire Magazine to Run 22-Page Tribute to Stan Lee

Empire Magazine is set to run a 22-page tribute to Stan Lee in the publication's January issue. Billed as "Remembering the man who changed comics, cinema,...
toy story

Dark Horse and Disney-Pixar to Publish ‘Toy Story 4’ Graphic Novel...

Anticipating the upcoming Toy Story 4, Dark Horse and Disney-Pixar have united to publish a graphic novel anthology featuring Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the toys.

Exclusive Look At Dark Horse ‘Anthem’ Prequel Comic

Dark Horse Comics have delivered our very first look at the Anthem prequel comic which acts as a prequel to the upcoming game.

Stan Lee, Marvel Comics’ legend, has Passed Away Aged 95

Stan Lee, the colorful character behind some of the world's favorite characters, has sadly passed away, aged 95. Stan Lee was taken by ambulance from...

Marvel Brings Wolverine Back to the World of Podcasts with The...

Wolverine may have met an unfortunate fate at the end of Logan, not to mention that Hugh Jackman’s retirement from the role deepened the wound, but everyone’s favorite Canadian mutant (sorry, Deadpool) has made a new home in the medium of podcasting.

Life is Strange Comic Gets its Own Trailer

Titan Comics has today unveiled a brand new trailer for their upcoming comic, Life is Strange #1, which is based on the hit video...

Fight Club 3 Announced by Chuck Palahniuk

Dark Horse and Chuck Palahniuk have announced that Fight Club 3 will be hitting shelves in 2019 and will continue the story of the Narrator, Tyler Durden, and Marla Singer.

Minecraft Comes to Comics Thanks to Dark Horse

Ahead of NYCC and MINECON Earth, Dark Horse has announced a brand new graphic novel based off of the hit sandbox game, Minecraft, along with the cover art for the comic.
Disney's Moby Dick Starring Donald Duck

Dark Horse Announce Disney’s Moby Dick Starring Donald Duck

Disney and Dark Horse have announced Disney's Moby Dick Starring Donald Duck, the second comic which reimagines a classic story with an all-star cast of Disney characters.

Stranger Things Comic Sheds Light on Wills Struggle in the Upsidedown

Are you going through Stranger Things withdrawal? Are secrets of the Upside Down driving you crazy? Well, Dark Horse Comics and their new issue...

Life is Strange Comic Unveils Creative Team

Titan Comics has revealed the creative team behind the upcoming Life is Strange spin-off series which is set to launch in November 2018.

Is Spider-Gwen About to Rebrand as “Ghost Spider”?

Spider-Gwen swung her way into our hearts during the "Spiderverse" saga, immediately becoming a hit with fans and earning her own comic run. Gwen Stacey being all hip and trendy as she is might be about to undergo a re-brand, ditching the name "Spider-Woman" and adopting the new alias "Ghost Spider".

Unproduced Alien 3 Script Gets Second Life as a Comic

William Gibson’s original, unproduced Alien 3 script is set to get a second lease of life thanks to Dark Horse Comics who'll be adapting it into a five-part comic series.
Blade Runner 2049

New Blade Runner Publishing Planned Thanks to Titan and Alcon Partnership

The Blade Runner universe is about to get much deeper as Alcon Media Group and Titan Publishing have come together to co-publish titles initially focused on the Philip K. Dick-created universe.


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