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Find the latest comic book news from n3rdabl3 here, covering the likes of Marvel, DC, Titan Comics, Dark Horse, and more.

Invader Zim #1 Is Coming!

This is going to a pretty picture heavy one, only because the story is pretty "new cover" heavy, so gird your loins...

Batman and TMNT Crossover Unveiled

The Dark Knight meets the Heroes in a Half Shell. Will Batman share their love of pizza?

Green Lantern movie becomes Green Lantern Corps

To be honest, in 5 years this could have all changed again.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Comic-Con Trailer

Did you not like the destruction rampage Superman went on in 2012's Man Of Steel? Well don't worry, it turns out everyone in the movie universe was a bit cross.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comic Book Coming Back

BOOM! Studios will be the publishers taking on the Rangers and they have experience taking IPs from screens to pages, with Planet of the Apes, Big Trouble In Little China, Escape from New York, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Robocop and 28 Days Later.
Batmany image

Now We Know Who The New Batman Is!

Throughout Endgame, Batman, the family, and even his rouges gallery had joined together to try to and stop the Joker's latest scheme to finally destroy Gotham and the Dark Knight. So when issue #41, the first part of a new storyline, teased an "All-new Batman" it seemed that Bruce might not make it through completely unscathed.

A brief history of The Ultimate Fantastic Four

So it finally happened. We finally got a Fantastic Four trailer. So after months of a press and PR black hole we got to...

Big Stories are in the Future for Marvel’s All-New All-Different Avengers

Eisner Award-winning writer Mark Waid has spoken to Comic Book Resources about the All-New All-Different Avengers and what we can expect in October.

Marvel’s All-New, All-Different Line-up Revealed

Since we first heard that the end of Secret War will bring us Marvel's All-New, All-Different series we've been waiting to hear what the full line up will be. And now it's here.
netflix daredevil

Netflix and Marvel’s Daredevil casts Elektra

Well that's shocking. That movie they made a while ago didn't get a sequel? Shocker.

A Set of Spider-men I Want to See in the Spider-verse

So Peter Parker is back as Spider-man and it turns it out a little later this year we'll be seeing a ton of other Spider-men and the occasional spider-lady as part of Dan Slott's 'Spider-verse'. With a huge promise to include every Spider-man ever, they must all combine their webs to combat the evil vampire Morlun.

A brief history of Batman and Son

Holy child support Batman! You've got love child sired by the daughter of one of your enemies!...

Wonder Woman shot released

Over the last couple of months we’ve seen a lot debate and talk about the Wonder Woman costume. It’s not just her costume either, the debate about the Bat-suit and what could come next for Superman was a abuzz to...

Star Wars Shattered Empire #1: Begining To Fill In The Gaps

Journey to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Shattered Empire by Greg Rucka and artist Marco Checchetto picks up after the destruction of the second Death Star and the deaths of Sith Lords Sidious and Vader. While the Rebels hoped that this victory would lead to a new Galactic Republic, the power vacuum allows the rise of a new Dark Lord Kylo Ren, the main villain in The Force Awakens.
vampire batman

A Brief History of Vampire Robin

If you didn't know already, DC from time to time likes to publish Elseworld stories. These stories take the mythos of popular characters like Batman and Superman and re-imagine them in a completely different scenario. This why you get the likes of Superman: Red Son, a Superman who grew up in Russia instead of America, a Batman who existed during the Victorian era, and a Justice League of The Old American West.

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