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Dark Horse lose the Star Wars comic license

After two decades of publishing Star Wars comics, Dark Horse is relinquishing the license to Marvel.

When You Wish Upon a Comic Crossover

So Marvel is going to be producing Star Wars comics from 2015, previously it had been Dark Horse comics, the very same publishers responsible for the Hellboy and Buffy the Vampire comics. This could possibly mean we'll see cheesy crossovers between the Star Wars and Marvel universes; Darth Maul vs. Wolverine, Spider-man piloting an X-wing fighter, Doctor Doom doing a set with the Cantina Band, y'know the usual stuff.

So in honour of this legal transaction here's a list of some properties from Disney, who took the Star Wars rights from Lucasfilm, I'd like to see crossing over with Marvel.

A Brief History of Darth Maul

I sense a disturbance in the bad pun side of the force as this week instead of capes and masks were flinging around lightsabers and hiding beneath cloaks. As we take a look at the history of the comic-book Darth Maul.

Deadpool’s Getting Married in April

On December 31st Marvel teased that there would be a big wedding this year. Today it's been revealed that that everyone's favourite merc with a mouth is going to be the groom.

Serenity Comic to be Released This Month

This month we'll see Joss Whedon’s cult franchise Firefly continued in the canonical comic Leaves on the Wind.

Firefly comics have been published by Dark Horse in the past, but this will be the first time the series has been continued since the 2005 film Serenity.

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