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Monster Hunter: World Gets First DLC Expansion – “Iceborne”

Monster Hunter: World has received numerous content updates throughout its first year since release; Introducing brew weapons, armor sets, quests and, most importantly, monsters. The Iceborne DLC announcement comes as the first major expansion to the title, set to land in Fall 2019.

Geralt Steps Into Monster Hunter: World

CD Projekt RED and Capcom announced early this week that Geralt of Rivia from the world famous Witcher series of books and games will be looking for contracts in New World of Monster Hunter: World.

‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Opening Movie Trailer Released, More on the Way

Square Enix has released the opening movie for Kingdom Hearts 3 which gives us our first look at the upcoming sequel as well as another chance to hear the new opening theme.

Hello Games Announce New Game, The Last Campfire

Hello Games, the developer behind No Man's Sky has announced a brand new title, The Last Campfire. This announcement was one of the few announcements...

GTA Online Arena War Update Features

GTA Online Arena War released today, and oh boy is there a whole host of new ways to ruin your day. GTA Online: Arena War...

Undocumented Fallout 76 Patch Changes Spur Bethesda to be More Transparent

Another "mistake" and more pissed off Fallout 76 fans, this time over secretive changes made through the game's latest patches. Honestly Bethesda, now I'm starting to think you're just doing this shit for attention...

Rage 2 Skipping Steam Release for Bethesda Launcher

Bethesda has announced that they won't be launching RAGE 2 on Steam and instead will be releasing the game on the Bethesda Launcher, much...

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 3 Gets Official Release...

Following a rocky and uncertain few months after the closure of Telltale Games, it was unclear whether The Walking Dead: The Final Season would get it’s deserved ending.

CS:GO Goes Free-to-Play, Launches Battle Royale Mode and Fans are Pissed

Ahead of The Game Awards 2018, Valve announced that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or CS:GO as it's known, will be getting its own battle royale mode... and go free-to-play.

GTA Online Arena War Announced, Releases Today

GTA Online is getting a somewhat major update considerably faster than we all thought, with Arena War Launching today. In Rockstar's latest move to bring...

Warframe Gains Over 1 Million Downloads on Nintendo Switch

Warframe released for the Nintendo Switch on the 20 November 2018, since it's debut almost 3 weeks ago the game has already been downloaded 1 million times to Switch consoles.

Anthem Closed and Public Demo Dates Announced

EA has announced the official details for Anthem's upcoming closed and public beta tests. As the month of February draws ever closer by the day,...

Over 100 Xbox One Backward Compatible Game Added in 2018 Alone

Microsoft released over 100 Xbox One backward compatible titles in 2018, giving some old classics a second wind. “We were on a break!” are historical words...

John Romero Announces New Game, ‘SIGIL’

John Romero is working on new content for the original Doom. No, this is not 1993 and he hasn't returned to id Software either....

Could Persona 5 Be Coming to Switch?

Persona 5 could be making its way onto the Nintendo Switch, of rumors and recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character announcements are to be believed. Multiple new...


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