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Public Demo Released for SWERY Kickstarter Game The Good Life

Way back in September of last year SWERY, who's most known for D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die and the bizarre Twin Peaks inspired detective game Deadly Premonition started a crowdfunding campaign on Fig for his new game The Good Life. Unfortunately the campaign wasn't a success but he refused to give up and took to Kickstarter instead.

Darwin Project Massive Customisation Update Now Available

Darwin Project, Scavengers Studio's battle royale hunting game, has just got a new wardrobe in the form of a cosmetics update which brings over 200 unlockable items.

ONRUSH: Choose Your Weapon Trailer Released

Codemasters & Koch Media have released a trailer showcasing the eight unique vehicle classes in their upcoming title ONRUSH. The new trailer outlines the game's...

Here’s Our First Look at tinyBuild’s Switch Shooter, Garage

tinyBuild has released the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive title, Garage, and it looks mental.

Destiny 2 Warmind Expansion – All the Hot Details From the...

Last night, Bungie had their livestream for the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, Warmind. The stream showed off a little bit of everything as they generally tend to do.

Xbox One April Update Now Available

Microsoft has started rolling out the April update for Xbox One consoles that'll bring a number of audio / visual options and performance updates. Currently...

Fortnite is Coming to China

Fortnite, Epic Game's ever popular Battle Royale title, is making its way to China, thanks to a new paretnership between Epic and Tencent. The Chinese...
GTA 5 Artwork

GTA V Premium Online Edition Released

GTA V has hit stores again, this time giving the 4 people that haven't played it yet a head start in GTA Online. is...

Sea of Thieves 1.0.5 Patch Rolls Out, Teases New Content

Sea of Thieves went down for maintenance today as patch 1.0.5 rolls out which is set to bring a number of improvements including the...

PUBG’s First Major E-Sports Tournament set for Berlin This Summer

PUBG Corp. has announced that it will be hosting the first Official E-Sports Tournament for Player Unknown's Battlegrounds this Summer. The event is set to...
__thumb_-3-Angry Birds Movie

There’s ANOTHER Angry Birds Movie on the way

Sony Pictures and Rovio Entertainment have announced that they're making a sequel to The Angry Birds Movie.

Symmetra Rework set to Make her a Defence Hero

Overwatch's weirdest support character is set to get another re-work, and this time she's FINALLY getting moved to the Defence class, as announced in...

Fortnite now has an Official Merch Store

You can now buy all your official Fortnite Merchandise on Amazon, in a move that really shouldn't surprise anyone, but will definitely hurt a...

Valve Acquires Firewatch Developer Campo Santo

This weekend news broke that Valve, the company behind Steam as well as games such as Counter Strike and Half-Life had purchased Firewatch developer Campo Santo.

Fortnite V3.6 Patch Brings in new Clinger Grenade

Yet another explosive is making its way into Fortnite, the new Clinger Grenade. This new edition can be found in Floor Loot, Supply Drops, Supply Llamas,...

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