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Episode 4 of Life is Strange will be the “Most Ambitious”...

After what happened in the last episode of Life is Strange I have no idea where DONTNOD will go with Episode 4. The good news is that the developers are putting the final touches on the game, and it will apparently be the "most ambitious" episode yet. I'm excited. I think.

Pirates War – The Dice King is like Monopoly Meets Hearthstone

What would you get if you crossed the popular property trading board game, Monopoly, with the free-to-play trading card game, Hearthstone, with a healthy dash of pirates? Probably Pirates War - The Dice King, a new free-to-play digital board game which is looking for your help on Kickstarter.

Here’s your First Look at the Total War: Warhammer Engine

To continue SEGA and The Creative Assembly's video series for Total War: Warhammer, the latest trailer for the upcoming title shows of an epic battle between humans and monsters as well as showing our first look at the game's engine in action.
prime day

Grab a 1TB PS4, PS TV, and more for £329.00 During... has revealed early that during Prime Day, which begins at midnight tonight, customers can grab themselves a pretty insane deal on a 1TB PlayStation 4 console which comes with a PlayStation TV, three months PlayStation Plus, and more for just £329.00...
arkham knight

Batman: Arkham Knight on PC Won’t be Fixed until September

According to a leaked email to EB Games stores in Australia, the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight which was recently pulled from sale due to the game being more than broken, won't actually be fixed any time soon.

Telltale’s Game of Thrones Episode 5 coming next week

Episode 5 of Telltale's Game of Thrones comes out next week and oh boy things are heating up.

Gearbox is Seeking Developers for the Next Duke Nukem

There has been some confusion over Duke Nukem as of late. 3D Realms is the original creator of the game who released the first title under its then-name, Apogee software. In 2010, the rights of the franchise were acquired by Gearbox Software, but 3D Realms some how forgot this and attempted to make a new Duke game, this was quickly shot down and has since been turned into Bombshell.
goat simulator

Goat Simulator Butts its way onto PlayStation Consoles Next Month

Have you been playing your PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 console and just had an empty feeling? Has there been a goat-shaped hole that just needs filling but no matter how much you hope to find a goat in The Last of Us, it's just not the same? Well there's good news, as Coffee Stain Studios is bringing Goat Simulator to PlayStation consoles next month!
playstation 4

June NPD Report: Batman: Arkham Knight Keeps PS4 in the Lead

Though Batman: Arkham Knight's release on PC was dismal, the console release of the game has done exceptionally well, unsurprisingly, becoming the best seller in June in the US according to the NPD Group's latest report.
angry birds 2

Rovio has Just Announced Angry Birds 2

The original Angry Birds is getting a sequel, developer and publisher Rovio has announced today. If you're confused however, considering the sheer amount of Angry Birds titles available, you're not alone.

Mad Max Post-Apocalypse Edition Announced

A Mad Max Post-Apocalypse Edition has been revealed and it includes some uncommon items that you wouldn't expect from a special edition. It includes the...
Fable Legends

Microsoft Squashes Fable Legends Release Date Leak

Last night there was a brief glimmer of hope that the upcoming free-to-play adventure game, Fable Legends, had a release date. The news was seemingly leaked out by accident, but Microsoft has swooped in and squashed the leak breaking our little hearts in the process.

Elder Scrolls Online’s Imperial City DLC detailed

The first official expansion for Elder Scrolls Online has finally been detailed! Coming first to PC/Mac, then to consoles in September, the Imperial City...

Rust Introduces Unchangeable Gender Allocation, Some Players Aren’t Happy

When the developers of Rust revealed that players' penis size within the game was down to their Steam ID's players didn't really bat an eye. Now the developer has announced that when Female characters come into the game, and gender allocation will also be based on Steam ID's, players are for some reason a little divided.
Halo Feature

The Halo Series has Shipped 65 Million Copies

With the launch of Halo 5: Guardians coming in just a few short months, Microsoft has this week revealed that the entire Halo series overall, has sold around 65 million copies worldwide. Are you surprised? Probably not.

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