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Deus Ex: The Fall Finally Makes its Way Onto Android

Square Enix today announced that the mobile optimised instalment of Deus Ex; Deus Ex: The Fall has finally infiltrated Android devices and is available to download right now.

Psychonauts 2 Scores Additional Funding, New Publisher

Double Fine Productions' upcoming title, Psychonauts 2, which secured funding through their own crowdfunding service, Fig, has secured an additional $8 million from publisher Starbreeze Studios, who'll also publish the game.
star wars battlefront

EA’s Star Wars Battlefront Gets a Holiday 2015 Release Window

EA have been busy bees this week and have announced the release window for DICE's upcoming Star Wars title, Star Wars Battlefront. During an investor call this week EA revealed the release date for Battlefield Hardline, the release window for Battlefield 5, and the Holiday 2015 release window for Star Wars Battlefront.

Project X Zone 2 Launches in the west, February 2015

After Bandai Namco announced that the release of Project X Zone 2: Brave New World would be delayed in the west until 2016, we had little ideas to when, but now at the Tokyo Game Show, the publisher has revealed that it'll be launching in the West this February.

No More Fable Legends And No More Lionhead?!

Yes, that seems to be the word around the campfire, guys and dolls. Lionhead Studios may be no more.

Steam Holiday Sale – Day 14 (January 1, 2014)

It's 2014! So shake off your hangover and head on over to the Steam Holiday Sale, providing you have money left to spend! The sale ends on Friday so if you're yet to even look at the Steam Holiday Sale and you own a PC, you're probably a bit mental, or just aren't that into gaming.. In that case, why are you on this post!

Original Bioshock is Coming to iOS

2K's China studio is currently working on a port for the original Bioshock game, to bring it to the iOS platform. From screenshots, the game seems to be scaled way down to compensate for various restrictions that Apple have in place on iOS, with graphics and lighting making the original game look that much older.

Just Cause 3 Goes all Sci-fi in Upcoming DLC

Square Enix has unveiled what's in store for Just Cause 3 next month, when the first content pack lands for the explosive title. Entitled Sky Fortress, players will be faced with a new airborne threat, a huge Sky Fortress packed to the rafters with robotic drones.

Titanfall Recieves Server-side Patch, Tweaks Smart Pistol, Scores, and Game Modes

Right now a server-side patch is rolling out to Titanfall which adds some much needed adjustments to the game in order to make things a little fairer. No update is required on your part as this update is being implemented on the games servers, not our consoles/PC's.
Games with Gold January 2019

Here are your Games With Gold for January 2019

Microsoft is starting 2019 strong, with indie-hit and Game of the Year contender Celeste headlining their first Games With Gold releases of...
ghost games

Ubisoft and EA Battle it out for the Rights to the...

After looking to trademark the term "Ghost" to protect their Need for Speed studio, Ghost Games, Ubisoft has filed a Notice of Opposition as they believe players will confuse EA's Trademark with that of Ubisoft's Ghost Recon series...
n3 + Matcherino

n3rdabl3 and Matcherino present: Smasherino

In a bid to allow the fans to sponsor the esports entertainment that they want, a crew of businessmen and gamers in Washington have created Matcherino. Based on the premise of crowdfunding tournaments and esports experiences, Matcherino is looking to let the fans increase the production value of events worldwide.
death game tv

New Screens and Info Surfaces for Death Game TV

D3 Publisher's upcoming idol game, Death Game TV has received a bunch of screens and information this week thanks to Famitsu's preview, and it looks pretty darn good.

UK Gaming Charts (18/06/2018): God of War Regains First Place

During E3 2018 Sony launched a "Days of Play" sale which has helped a number of Sony titles crawl up the charts, including God of War.

New Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer to be Released

Rockstar have announced that another trailer to their upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released on September 28. It has been nearly a year...

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