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Bloodborne Review

Death... As gamers, we as a community are used to dealing with such problems, at least in a virtual sense. Although, since the console...
Jackbox 2

Jackbox Party Pack 2 Review: The Star of the Party

Party games are brilliant. No matter what they are, whether they're bands in boxes, virtual gameshows, or sing-along titles, they all do the same thing, they encourage people to get together and do something. The Jack Box Party Pack 2 is the second in a series of bundled party games from Jackbox, and it's probably just as good as the first, if not better.
SOMA Title

SOMA Review – Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Frictional Games are now famous for their particular brand of survival horror. You know, the type where you're a helpless, normal person, stuck in an impossible situation with nothing to defend yourself but the strength of your legs and your mental willpower... SOMA dives right back into this comfortable genre, switching the setting from windy old castles and gore-splattered London warehouses for a futuristic, underwater base, built with the intention of saving humanity.

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Review – A Different Type of Card Game

CCG's are cropping up all over the place now, we've got what many could consider the OG, Hearthstone (though Magic: The Gathering is the true OG here), and many others like it such as The Elder Scrolls: Legends, Deck Heroes, and even Fable Fortune.

Punch Club Review

Punch Club is great. It also makes me very mad. It's a game that knows exactly what it wants to be and does a...
dick wilde

Dick Wilde Review (PSVR)

While Dick Wilde may not be the flashiest or most complex of the games on offer for the PSVR, it is undeniably a hell...

Nightbanes Review – Shuffling Up the Formula

Nightbanes is by no means a newcomer to the card-based strategy scene. Originally a flash game on Armor Games and Kongregate, Nightbanes boasts a vampire...

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