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HMV owner, Hilco, to cut 400 jobs…

Newly appointed HMV owner, Hilco, is reported to cut 400 jobs within the business...
Ace Attourney

Ace Attorney 5 Reportedly Out July 25th in Japan.

The Ace Attorney series has been a favorite for many gamers around the world and it seems like the next game isn’t far off. Though nothing is confirmed at the minute and Capcom haven’t commented on anything, there is evidence pointing to a Japan release of July 25th.

Deadpool Achievements Leak. Watch Out for Spoilers!

Upcoming anti-hero game featuring the lovable Deadpool has, like many other games, had it’s achievements leaked. Take note however that these achievements give away a little bit about the game so read at your own risk.

Guacamelee Review, The Battle Against Evil as a Luchador.

Being a Luchador isn’t an easy life. It’s a life of pain that takes you on a road of ups and downs as you push yourself to reach the top. Luchador’s are also at the centre of the latest indie hit from DrinkBox Studios with the release of Guacamelee. A Metroid-vania style action-platformer that takes place in both the living and dead realms of a Mexican inspired world.
Batman: Arkham Origins

“Big gaming announcemens” Revealed – Batman: Arkham Origins

Following on from yesterday's post about a upcoming ‘big gaming announcement’ we are now happy to report what the news in fact is. The announcement is indeed a big one as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment announce the new game in the Batman: Arkham franchise. Batman: Arkham Origins.
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

New LEGO Title Announced

OK, so if we’re honest with ourselves we all love LEGO! The LEGO gaming franchise has thrown up some of the most enjoyable platform/action games released in recent years including Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and of course Batman. The combination of humour, puzzles and action is what has given the series its enduring popularity among new and experienced gamers alike.

Important News for 3DS Owners

If, like me, you have been experiencing issues in accessing the System Settings, Game Notes or the Nintendo eShop screens since last month's system update you will be pleased to know that today sees the release of a further update designed to rectify the issues.

New Black Ops 2 ‘Uprising’ DLC Coming April 16th

I didn't think it'd be too long until the next series of DLC for Black Ops 2 made an appearance, we've already had a bunch of almost convincing fakes pop-up on sites like Reddit, but were instantly called-out due to PC and PlayStation 3 gamers hadn't even got the Revolution pack yet. This particular DLC has cropped up in two places, once in some coding, and now a retail poster containing the date as well as four multiplayer and one Zombies map.

Next Gen Engines Not Designed for Wii U [Updated]

News straight out of the GDC yesterday is that graphic engines such as the Unreal Engine 4, and Frostbite 3 engine aren't designed for the Wii U. What this means is that newer games like Battlefield 4, as well as any future Epic Games titles that utilise their Unreal Engine 4 won't be available on the Wii U making the Wii U about as 'next gen' as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Guacamelee! Wrestles Its Way Onto PS3 and PSVita on April 10

Do you know what the gaming industry lacks? A Mexican Wrestling-inspired Adventure Game. Well that is until April 10 when Drinkbox Studio's release their new downloadable game Guacamelee!
Castle Story

Castle Story, The One Stand Out Indie Game from PAX

Okay, so it's not quite the stand out game at PAX but in the Indie game scene it's definitely one that's caught my eye. Castle Story is an addictive castle building voxel-based sandbox game similar to Minecraft but with a twist.

EA Release List of Games Available for Free To Disappointed SimCity...

The SimCity fiasco seems to have ended with EA opening up more servers, as well as a server status page so you know how the severs are performing. As an apology for the appalling launch EA sent a release out to everyone stating that they'll be entitled to one free game from their Origin store, no details other than that were released leaving us all to assume that we could pick any game from their store - we assumed wrong..

Wii U Prices Drop By Around £60 in the UK

There's something about the Wii U that even though it's a great, innovative console people just don't want to spend near on £300 for it. It might be the lack of exclusive and anticipated titles like Pikmin 3 and Zelda, it might be the fact that to purchase another Wii U touch screen controller it'll set you back about as much as the console itself. It might be that users find the touch screen controller a bit of an impractical gimmick? Well, no matter what it is UK retailers have been slashing prices on Wii U bundles by as much as £60..
PlayStation App

Sony Encourages Second Screen Gaming

Following the launch of the Sony PlayStation 4 last month the Japanese firm has now announced a companion app for smartphones and tablets to enhance second-screen viewing.
Pikmin 3

Pikmin 3 Should Have Launched Alongside Wii U

For those of you who watched the big Wii U games reveal at E3 last year you'd have probably noticed how influential Pikmin were and how everyone including Miyamoto were excited to announce/hear that there was going to be a new Pikmin game - you'd have probably expected it to be a launch title too. But it wasn't even though Miyamoto thinks it should have been.

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