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transformers last knight

Optimus Prime is Back in Transformers: The Last Knight

The name of the new Transformers movie has been announced and will see Optimus Prime return once again.

Here’s the First Trailer for The Assassin’s Creed Movie

Following 20th Century Fox releasing a few new screenshots for Assassin's Creed, a brand new trailer has been released which finally gives us a look at the video game movie in action. Could this be the first good movie based on a video game franchise?
Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 7.58.53 am

Marvel Reveals Name of Next Spider-Man Movie

Marvel have today announced the name of the next Spider-Man movie on Twitter with a title image giving us an idea of what to expect from the new movie.

Here’s the First Teaser Trailer for Marvel’s Doctor Strange

In what looks to be an even more confusing movie than Inception, Marvel has released the first trailer for their upcoming flick, Doctor Strange.

New Mythical Pokémon Announced, Looks like BB-8 in a Dress…

The Pokémon Company has today confirmed the discovery of a new Mythical Pokémon named Magearna, a Pokémon that looks a lot like a collaboration between The Pokémon Company and Disney.
elizabeth banks

Elizabeth Banks to Conquer Earth as Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers!

After 10,000 years Rita Repulsa is free and it's time for her to conquer the Earth whilst looking a whole lot like Elizabeth Banks.

Star Wars: Episode VIII Delayed until Late 2017

In a post on the Star Wars official website, the next installment in the main films, Star Wars: Episode VIII, will be seeing a late 2017 release.

10 Cloverfield Lane is Another Cloverfield Movie from J.J. Abrams

Apparently, while busy on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, J.J. Abrams somehow managed to produce another movie completely behind the scenes, an offspring of its 2008 eye-witness movie, Cloverfield.

Here are the 2016 Golden Globes Winners

Love them or hate them, The Golden Globes are still happening and show no sign of stopping any time soon, even if they do consider The Martian as a Musical/Comedy...
Star Wars The Force Awakens

Star Wars Smashes Box Office Records

Come on now, did you expect anything less? Following the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens this past week, Disney has reported that the movie scored big and achieved a historic opening weekend.

The First X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer is Here

Can the X-men survive their strongest foe yet? Or is Ivan Ooze to powerful?

The First Trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is...

Finally, we've got our first glance at the Movie comic book nerds have been praying for!

The Captain America: Civil War Trailer Is Finally Here

For months, fans of Marvel Studio's MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) films have suffered an excruciatingly long wait for the first footage of next year's Captain America: Civil War, and fortunately, that wait ended earlier today with the release of the first teaser trailer via the popular talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Hey Arnold! is Coming Back to TV with new Movie

Ah the 90s. It was filled with some classic TV shows such as Rocko's Modern Life, Cat-Dog, and of course The Angry Beavers, and that's just on Nickelodeon! One of the more prominent Nick shows however was Hey Arnold! and it looks like it's coming back to TV.
alien covenant

Promethus Sequel Gets a New Name – Alien: Covenant

Ridley Scott's latest movie, previously known as Promethius 2 has now got an official name and no, it's not Alien: Paradise Lost as Scott previously revealed, 20th Century Fox has announced that the new film will be titled Alien: Covenant.

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