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This is Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages...

With the recent influx of free-to-play Pokémon titles, the release of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and the release of the Primal Clash decks for the Pokémon TCG I'll admit, I've gone Pokémon mad again, so this morning when The Pokémon Company International unveiled the English trailer for the new Pokémon movie, I jumped out of my seat. So call your inner thirteen year-olds, there's a new Pokémon movie incoming!

‘The Last: Naruto the Movie’ Gets a Trailer

A new trailer has been released for the next movie based on the Manga and Anime, Naruto. The Last Naruto Movie is set for released on the 6th of December in Japan. The trailer shows of a bunch of manga panels showing the major characters for the series before a quick look at Naruto's new costume and short hair cut, which doesn't seem to be going down to well with fans.

Frankenstein’s Army – Movie Review

Zombies are all well and good but they need a little something to stand out from the crowd - a certain je ne sais...

The Vehicles of Transformers: Age of Extinction.

The Transformers will return soon to the big screen, this time ditching the humans of the last trilogy and gifting us Mark Wahlberg, Peter Cullen, and Stanley Tucci to name a few. The humans aren't really the reason we go see the Transformers films is it? No, it's all about those robots in disguise. And we're going to go through some of those disguises today...

New Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One Trailer Released

A brand new - and excellent - trailer has been released for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. The trailer shows a few sneak peeks of the Districts' battle against The Capitol and Katniss becoming a warrior in the rebellion, whilst also showing off the softer side that she rarely lets anyone see, saying that all she wanted was to keep her sister safe.

Dawn of the First New Image of Superman from Batman vs....

Is it a bird? A plane? Or just lots of rain? No it's Superman! We saw the first teaser image of Batman a couple of months back and now it's Superman's turn.

Wonder Woman shot released

Over the last couple of months we’ve seen a lot debate and talk about the Wonder Woman costume. It’s not just her costume either, the debate about the Bat-suit and what could come next for Superman was a abuzz to...

Netflix Dates a Handful of its Original Movies

For a while now many have been talking about Netflix' dive into the world of movie production with work coming from Adam Sandler and even a brand new Pee Wee Herman flick in the works. With no real detail on when they'll be coming to the service, Netflix has now let the cat out of the bag.

Zack Synder Releases Shots of the new Batmobile

Finally, a full frontal shot of the World's Greatest Detective's ride.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 set photos

They look the part, but just so you don't go 'What the shell?' later on. Here's our quick roundup from the set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

Spider-man thwips Tom Holland

I actually quite liked the idea of Asa Butterfield to be honest. Thought let's see what happens.

Here’s a Ton of Pictures of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

In a set of around 35+ images snapped outside of the set in Vancouver, we get to see Ryan Reynolds, or at least his body double, in the full Deadpool suit getting up to his usual tricks again, and though it's not the first time we've seen the suit in full, it's the first time we've seen the full suit in action.
attack on titanvideo

This Attack on Titan Live-action Trailer Has No Titans..

Set for a Summer release in Japan, the live-action remake of the popular manga series of the same name, Attack on Titan, has revealed its first trailer, and though there's a lot of screaming and a slight glimpse of a Titan, there's actually very little to give us hope that the flick will live up to the manga.
SPY feature

Spy Movie Poster is Here and it Says Everything We Need...

Twentieth Century Fox's Spy poster sneaked up and looks great! The UK poster for Spy is finally here featuring Jason Statham, Melissa McCarthy and Jude...

Paper Towns Movie Poster and Trailer Debut Date

A town full of mystery, Paper Towns gets a poster and a date for its trailer. Today Twentieth Century Fox have released the first poster...

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