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Sailfish OS

Sailfish OS SDK goes live. Developers are a go.

Sailfish OS, a new mobile-optimized operating system designed as being flexible, ubiquity and stable, just released their SDK into the wild. Built on a Linux core the OS is independent, open and partner friendly. They aim to be a real alternative and create an ecosystem unlike any other. With the release of the SDK they are opening the platform to everyone.
Samsung Logo

Samsung Predict Big Profit for Q1

Technology giants Samsung have released predictions for their first fiscal report of 2013, set to be released later this month, and reveal they expect a massive profit of ₩8.7 trillion (South Korean Won) which equates to around $7.7 billion for the first quarter of this year.

GAME Stores To Stock A Further Range of Tablets

Over the last few weeks UK retailer GAME has been looking to grow it’s place in the market and do what it can to earn more. With the recent shift to supporting and selling downloadable games they are now going to focus on the tablet market. The exciting news here is that they are offering a full range from entry level tablets all the way to the much loved iPad.

Polarbear App Android Beta

I'm a big fan of Polarbear App, an app which allows you to post to multiple social networks at once such as, Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger, and LinkedIn. I did a bit of coverage a while back when they were just about to begin their BlackBerry Early Access Beta and now it's currently scheduled to open up their Android Early Access beta next week!
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

New LEGO Title Announced

OK, so if we’re honest with ourselves we all love LEGO! The LEGO gaming franchise has thrown up some of the most enjoyable platform/action games released in recent years including Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and of course Batman. The combination of humour, puzzles and action is what has given the series its enduring popularity among new and experienced gamers alike.

Important News for 3DS Owners

If, like me, you have been experiencing issues in accessing the System Settings, Game Notes or the Nintendo eShop screens since last month's system update you will be pleased to know that today sees the release of a further update designed to rectify the issues.
Facebook Home

Facebook Home – Turning Your Android Ahone, Into A More Social...

Yesterday Facebook introduced a new product which they hope will make us more social in exciting new ways. Allowing us to share and connect in an easier and more intuitive manner which result in deeper relationships. With the average person looking at their phone a hundred or so times a day, it made sense for Facebook to head to the platform with radical force.
HTC First

HTC First Officially Announced – The ‘First’ Facebook Phone

Alongside Lastnight's Facebook reveal of Facebook Home they had a little surprise, though most new it was coming, at the end of the show. Due to Facebook Home not being an operating system they wanted to open it up to phone manufacturers and allow them to work with the Facebook Home platform to integrator seamlessly into their phones. The first of such devices to release will be the HTC First that was leaked a few days ago.

Could an Amazon Kindle Smartphone Release be Imminent?

After the relative success of its Amazon Kindle tablet range, especially the latest Kindle Fire which found a niche in the market, there is talk that an Amazon smartphone could be on its way later this year...

The HTC First – Is This The Rumoured Facebook/Android Handset?

Rumours have been circulating on an apparent Facebook based Android handset after press invites were sent out to come see Facebook's "New Home on Android" which is set to take place Tomorrow at 10:00 am Pacific Time in Menlo Park, California. Since then apparent leaked images of a HTC handset called the 'First' have surfaced which have surfaced rumours of an Android phone that's tied deeply into the Facebook Framework.

Latest News Points to iPhone 5S and iPhone Mini

As you may have already expected, an iPhone 5S might be on it's way sometime this year with production of the next generation iPhone starting in the second quarter of this year. This also springs more news of the Cupertino company talking about a cheaper iPhone which also might be in development.

New Black Ops 2 ‘Uprising’ DLC Coming April 16th

I didn't think it'd be too long until the next series of DLC for Black Ops 2 made an appearance, we've already had a bunch of almost convincing fakes pop-up on sites like Reddit, but were instantly called-out due to PC and PlayStation 3 gamers hadn't even got the Revolution pack yet. This particular DLC has cropped up in two places, once in some coding, and now a retail poster containing the date as well as four multiplayer and one Zombies map.
Instagram Prints by

Instagram Prints from

Instagram has quite possibly become one of the many must-have apps for the younger generation. Its not only a picture sharing site, its practically a social network within itself and gives people the ability to share anything they can point their phone cameras at and add various filters and effects to make their images even fancier. Why keep it on the screen though? There are various services offering Instagram prints but none have really stood out to me. I was recently sent a few sample images from and I immediately fell in love with them..
google treasure

Google Go All Out This Year for April Fool’s Day

So here it is, April 1st, otherwise known as April Fools Day the one day out of an entire year where it's 'okay' to pull pranks on friends, family, and loved ones. In Italy, France, and Belgium adults tend to run around trying to pin paper fish on eachother and then shouting "April Fish" in their respective languages. However you plan on 'celebrating' this unofficial prankster holiday you've got to hand it to Google, they pull it out of the bag every year, this year is no different...
Mighty Boom Ball

The World’s Smallest, Most Expensive Speaker On Sale for £142,013

I've been keeping an eye on the Mighty Boom Ball since mentioning it in our Advent Calendar event over Christmas & hosting our give away. But I didn't expect something like this to come out of the woodwork!


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