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GTA V Hits $1 Billion Sales In Three Days.

It's not like any of this has come as a surprise to anyone, it's been covered just about everywhere how many sales GTA is expected to hit. And Rockstar have done it, in THREE days. No biggie.

BlackBerry Messenger is Sort-of Here for iOS, Android Release Delayed

This weekend was supposed to see the release of BlackBerry Messenger on both Android and iOS with Android launching first on Friday with iOS to follow the next day. Sadly however, that didn't happen. Some iPhone users managed to grab the app on time whereas Android users were left scratching their heads wondering where the app could be.

State of Decay Arrives on Steam Early Entry Today.

Undead Labs open world zombie survival game State of Decay makes its way onto Steam's Early Access today giving players the chance to play the game before the official release!

Final Exam Get’s a Release Date and a Bad Ass Video.

Final Exam is an awesome 2.5D side-scroller drenched in blood and zany humor. Developed by Mighty Rocket Studio's, Final Exam is scheduled for release for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, on November 8th!

Battlefield 4 Could Include Head Tracking Controls Using the Kinect

The next generation of gaming is going to be absolutely fantastic. Not only do we have an amazing collection of games on screen, we're now adding the ability to interact with games off screen using tablets and smartphones. Take Battlefield 4 for example; whilst one player is shooting shit up on the big screen a second player could be letting the first player know where the enemy is or whether flag 'C' is being captured.

Fans of Boarderlands 2, New DLC Nowhere To Be Found

Fans of the Boarderlands Series might be a bit disappointed to hear that the second installment of the huge title might be sitting on theback burner for new DLC. Randy Pitchford stated that DLC for the title might not be on par with the first installment of the series. Granted that it's value will exceed the cost, at the same time gamers shouldn't have high expectations for the content.

Google Buys Bump, The Cooler Sharing Service.

Bump was probably one of the first apps I installed when my wife and I moved onto smartphones. The idea of bumping our fists together to sent a picture to one phone from another seemed like the coolest thing ever, until it didn't work so well. Anyway, earlier this week Google purchased Bump which also included the companies other app, Flock.

YouTube to Soon Offer Offline Viewing in Mobile Apps.

On Tuesday the YouTube Team announced on the YouTube Creator Blog that we'll soon be able to keep videos temporarily so we can watch videos whenever we're unfortunate enough to not have an internet connection.

Namco Bandai Announces Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Day One...

Namco Bandai announced today that Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z for PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and Xbox 360 is coming to Europe in Early 2014 and will be blasting out with 2 Ki-filled editions: Pre-Order and Day 1!

Monster Hunter 4 is number one sold game in Japan, with...

Saying that Monster hunter is a bit popular in Japan is a bit of an understatement. With Capcom also announcing that over 2 million copies of Monster Hunter 4 have been sold overseas...
humble 9

Humble Indie Bundle 9 Adds Four More Games into the Mix!

If the thought of getting six fantastic indie games for around $5 wasn't good enough for you, how about 10? The Humble Indie Bundle 9 has just been updated to include not one, or two, but four games into the bundle and they're not any old games, they're some of the best indie titles I've played in recent times!

GTA V Breaks Numerous Records and Reaches $800 Million Sales in...

Not only was Grand Theft Auto V the most anticipated game of the year so far, it's also broken so many records it's achieved a 6 star felony. Better roll out the army!

BBM for Android and iOS Coming September 21 and 22 Respectively.

BlackBerry have finally confirmed the arrival of their once BlackBerry exclusive messenger service, BlackBerry Messenger, will be arriving on Android and iOS on September 21 and 22 respectively.

New Capcom Game Unveiling @TGS

Capcom have announced to the world that they will be bringing a live stream directly down your bandwidth to your eyes with a new announcement. On the stream a new game announcement will be thrown into the waiting arms of fans from the Tokyo Gameshow.

Sega Aquires Atlus Parent Company

Sega Dream Corporation, a new division of Sega founded on 5th September, has confirmed it has bought Index Corp..

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