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Kindle Fire HD Interface Shown Off in New Leaks.

Thanks to our favourite tipster @evleaks we now have what we believe to be a first look at the new Kindle Fire interface as well at the next generation Kindle Fire that it'll run on.

David Goldfarb Talks Versus Mode in PayDay 2 Sequel.

PayDay 2 director David Goldfarb spoke with Rock, Paper, Shotgun last week and when asked about adding a versus mode into the mix he said it wasn't out of the question but it's just too big of a move right now.

Twitter Shares that it’s Going Public.

In what has been a move that appears to have been in the pipeline for a while now, Twitter has announced that some of its shares are going public, as they have submitted an S-1 to the SEC.
happy wars

Free to Play Xbox Title Happy Wars gets Unlocked for Xbox...

Soon enough the Xbox Live Arcade is going to offer more and more free-to-play titles. First we saw a cutesy little multiplayer brawler by the name of of Happy Wars, then Ubisoft released Spartacus Legends, a bad ass one versus one gladiator game, not to mention the various Doritos sponsored games available. The one issue that everyone has however is the need to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, but that may not be the case for too long.
Football Manager 2014

Football Manager Release Date and New Features

It's that time of year again sports fans. The football season has kicked off, the transfer window has snapped shut and now it's time for the procession of football games to roll out and engage us for the season, the latest of which is Football Manager 14, which now has a release date...

Rockstar are “Investigating” Early Sales of GTA V.

With only a couple of hours to wait until we can all get our grubby mitts on GTA V it seems some stores have been a little impatient and have started selling the game early. Some of which have come from the online retail giant Amazon.
GTA V Life Invader

Rockstar Make GTA V Social-Networking Site Live

A theme that Rockstar have always pushed for with their Grand Theft Auto series is a sense of a complete universe, one that is as expansive as it is inclusive, and GTA V takes this to whole new level, as it has been revealed that many brands in GTA V with have a real-world web presence...

Criterion reduced to sixteen staff members, Ghost Games born from the...

The creators of the Burnout series, Criteron games, staff team has now been watered down to only sixteen employees, those who are not part of Criteron games have now formed a new studio that is now known as Ghost Games U.K. Today, through Tweets, Alexander Ward has explained the situation to fans...

Pokémon Teases a “Surprise” for Tomorrow.

Yesterday the Pokemon twitter account baited all its followers with a special announcement for September 16, tomorrow, which they have stated is going to be a surprise.
Star Trek

J.J. Abrams: Latest Star Trek game Obviously a Disappointment

J.J. Abrams has laid into the video game tie in for the most recent film in the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek: Into Darkness. In an interview with Gamerhub at the DVD and Blu-Ray release of the moviie, Abrams had the following to say:..
GTA Vvideo

Eleven year old French kid gets early copy of GTA V...

A video of a eleven year old French child losing his freakin' marbles upon receiving an early release copy of GTA V is currently doing the rounds on the interwebs, as reported by Kotaku...

Grand Theft Auto V: My Blaine County Trailer

In typical Grand Theft Auto fashion this latest trailer shows us a tourist's look at Blaine County, the outback of Los Santos, as well as some of the food outlets and activities available such as base jumping, hunting, and jet-skiing.

Pimp Your Ride in the New Need For Speed Rivals Trailer

Need for Speed has always had a focus on personalising your car, it's for me, the reason why I'd rather play Need for Speed titles over other racing games, I just love a good pimped car. If you're like me and want to unleash the boy racer inside, you'll be excited to see some of the customisation options available to you in Need for Speed Rivals.

Gold HTC One Casing Leaked in New Images

If these leaked images are anything to go by it looks like Apple aren't the only ones to introduce the Midas touch to their handsets. A brand new parts leak has come out of China which shows the HTC's outer-shell in what could be another new colour for the HTC One, Gold.

Rumours Point to Nexus 5 and Android KitKat Reveal in October.

According to an anonymous tipster Google are thinking about revealing their latest version of Android, Android KitKat, in October. More specifically October 14th. Usually around the same time Google reveal their latest Nexus handset which may be the Nexus 5. It may sound sweet, but put some salt on that caramel because these are rumours after all.

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