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Waterstone to launch digital book library. Spotify-like business model?

Tim Waterstone, the founder of UK book store chain Waterstones, has spoken out about plans to launch a digital platform where users can read as much as they like.
Facebook Home

Facebook ‘Chat Heads’ Come to Facebook Messenger for Android

With the recent announcement of Facebook Home and it's imminent release on certain Android devices, it's only fair that those of us who don't have a HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung GALAXY S III or a Samsung GALAXY Note II get the chance to experience some of the things that Facebook Home offers!
BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Denies High Return Rate of Z10.

In the last few days reports have surfaced stating that the return rate of the BlackBerry Z10 are rather high. BlackBerry have stated they will be looking into the reports and have said that they are false..

LinkedIn acquires Pulse newsreader

LinkedIn acquires news reading app, Pulse.
mark zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg Looking to Reform Immigration.

Today Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg is starting a project which is a lot different to his recent work with Facebook. He has launched a new group that aims to push for immigration reform in America, calling the current system ‘unfit for today’s world’.
Ace Attourney

Ace Attorney 5 Reportedly Out July 25th in Japan.

The Ace Attorney series has been a favorite for many gamers around the world and it seems like the next game isn’t far off. Though nothing is confirmed at the minute and Capcom haven’t commented on anything, there is evidence pointing to a Japan release of July 25th.
Galaxy Mega

Samsung Announces the Galaxy Mega Series

If you thought the Note II's 5.5 inch display was huge why not take a look at the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. A brand new phone which was announced today along side a 5.8 inch counterpart.

Deadpool Achievements Leak. Watch Out for Spoilers!

Upcoming anti-hero game featuring the lovable Deadpool has, like many other games, had it’s achievements leaked. Take note however that these achievements give away a little bit about the game so read at your own risk.

Nexus 4 ArmourDillo Hybrid Case Review

I'm fairly new to case reviews, and I also expect this review to be pretty short. So let me begin with a story. The Nexus 4 is a fantastic phone, I'm a little late to the Nexus party hence why I haven't written a review about it yet, but I plan do plan to. I'll let you in on a little spoiler though, the only real downside to the Nexus 4 is the back of the phone.
eJay Pure

eJay Pure, a Musical Blast from the Past.

I'm a huge fan of music and from an early age I began creating electronic music on various types of software. Where it all began for me though, was eJay. I remember a free demo that my cousin had that I profusely begged him to lend me and something we both spent a lot of time on over each others houses at the weekend. I'm not sure what version of eJay it was, but what pulled it in for me was it's simplicity. It has since been replaced by FLStudio and Cubase but it might just come back into my life in the form of eJay Pure!
G Cloud Backup

Forget Titanium Backup, Check Out G Cloud Apps Backup

The popular back-up app for Android which backs up everything from your music, pictures, and video's to more important things like your contacts, text messages, call logs, and settings has got a brand new add on which if your phone is rooted, backs up your apps too!

Guacamelee Review, The Battle Against Evil as a Luchador.

Being a Luchador isn’t an easy life. It’s a life of pain that takes you on a road of ups and downs as you push yourself to reach the top. Luchador’s are also at the centre of the latest indie hit from DrinkBox Studios with the release of Guacamelee. A Metroid-vania style action-platformer that takes place in both the living and dead realms of a Mexican inspired world.
Batman: Arkham Origins

“Big gaming announcemens” Revealed – Batman: Arkham Origins

Following on from yesterday's post about a upcoming ‘big gaming announcement’ we are now happy to report what the news in fact is. The announcement is indeed a big one as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment announce the new game in the Batman: Arkham franchise. Batman: Arkham Origins.

Google Play Store is getting a face lift.

Some good news for you Android users today as Google are rolling out a new, re-designed Google Play Store today. The new design is all about making apps, movies, albums and much more standout to you in a new way. The new design is fresh, clean and more to the point is fast. Google have stated that the redesign is focused on helping you find great entertainment faster then before.

WhatsAppening between Google and WhatsApp?

News has been floating around over the past few days with talk of Google acquiring the popular messaging app, WhatsApp for a sweet $1 billion according to an inside source anyway but there were never any definitive details other than that. Today however a representative from WhatsApp have denied the rumours.


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