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E3 | PS Vita Gets New Stable of Games

Attention PS Vita fans! Along with changes to PS4 and PS3, PS Vita will be seeing a massive push by Sony this year.
Xbox One cover

E3 | Xbox One Pricing

Okay so as of writing the Microsoft conference just ended. Showed some amazing games and didn't focus on TV watching but it brought out something else information wise. The one that everyone wanted to know. The price.
GALAXY Ace 3 LTE (1)

Samsung Announces Budget Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

There's no doubt that Samsung's range of budget Ace phones have become quite the success with younger people and others trying to get into the smartphone era without forking out tons of money each month. To add to the already successful range of affordable handsets Samsung have today announced the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3.

Resident Evil: Revelations Gets Two DLC Trailers Featuring Two New Characters!

Resident Evil Revelations has been given a double dose of trailer goodness featuring not one, but two extra characters which you can use in Raid mode. Lady Hunk and Rachel Ooze both star in their own trailers (Lady Hunk above, Rachael Ooze below) showing them in action in the games Raid mode.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Leaked Ahead of Samsung Event

Smartphones are probably becoming the gadget of choice when the urge to take a picture arises. Gone are the days of digital camera selfies; now we all have front facing cameras that we abuse by showing it our ugly mugs over and over again. But what would you get if you smashed your favourite smartphone into a compact digital camera? A mess probably, why would you even do that? Metaphorically though you'd get the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, and it seems to have been leaked ahead of Samsungs June 20th event in London.

Google Keyboard Goes it Alone. Now Available in the Play Store

There's a multitude of different keyboards available on Android. Not only do they offer some pretty cool themes, they offer a wide range of different functionalities. Go Keyboard has a bottomless pit of themes whereas SwiftKey offers a bunch of features to improve your typing efficiency. Then there's the Stock Android Keyboard which is now available to download in the Google Play Store.

Sony Xperia Z ‘Google Edition’ Confirmed

Before I even had the chance to write about the rumours of the Sony Xperia Z Google Edition, sources connected to Android Central have in fact confirmed that Sony are preparing a 'Google Edition' version of the rugged waterproof handset.

Payforit In-App Billing Set to Launch at AIME’s Summit

AIME announced yesterday that details of the new In-App billing function will be broadcast to all merchants attending this summer’s Payforit Summit. Whilst trials of the new billing mechanism on Android devices are still underway, the In-App billing capabilities are set to revolutionise the way customers purchase upgrades and add-ons whilst re-defining digital revenue streams for operators.

Move Over Sony Xperia Z, Here’s the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

The Sony Xperia Z launched earlier this year and blew us away with it's military grade waterproofing which was said to enable 30 minutes of submergence in fresh water no deeper than 1 meters. Various water tests ensued as well as an advert from Sony themselves demonstrating the phone being doused with water. Sony appeared to be the only ones considering the more 'Active' community of smartphone users, that was, until Samsung announced the 'Active' edition of their popular Samsung Galaxy S4.

Introducing the Moto X, Motorola’s Latest Flagship Phone.

Last week at All Things Digital's mobile focused conference D11, Dennis Woodside revealed Motorola's next flagship device the Moto X or the X Phone as some of you might be more familiar. Along with announcing the phone he also mentioned that the Moto X will be "broadly distributed" across numerous carriers, something we haven't previously seen with Motorola.
iMadeFace Background

iMadeFace Now Available for Android!

When we first announced that iMadeFace was in fact making it's way to Android I knew we had a wait on our hands. After three months of waiting for the pop-art style face making app to arrive, KeyLoft released the app on Google Play at the end of May and you can download it right now!

Foxconn and Mozilla Announce Partnership to Expand Firefox OS to Tablets

It has been announced that web browser giants Mozilla and manufacturing big guns Foxconn have partnered up and will initially release 5 devices in collaboration, including a tablet and possibly involving a television set in the future...

Got Monster Hunter 3 on 3DS? Get it free for a...

Ok I'll admit the title is a little misleading but maybe, maybe it isn't. But, if you have or if you want Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on 3DS and have a friend who hasn't yet registered a 3DS they own or is thinking about buying one then this is the perfect time to put that in motion and get some Monster Hunting on! Welcome, to the Monster Hunter Gift & Hunt Promotion.

Guacamelee! Costume Pack DLC.

Remember Guacamelee? Well if you do - good! If you don’t - make sure to read our review. If you do know about Guacamelee; Graham Smith, co-founder of DrinkBox Studios the developer behind the game has some great news.

The Samsung Galaxy S IV Mini has a ‘mini’ name tag...

Last week Samsung finally lifted the lid off the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S IV Mini. A phone which is more compact than it's larger counterpart, but with almost the same power.

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