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Apple hit 50 billion app downloads.

It’s official, Apple’s app store just hit 50 billion downloads. This comes within the hour of Android announcing it’s had 48 billion downloads. One lucky person will get there hands on a $10,000 iTunes voucher out of this as well which is rather nice.

Google Wants Microsoft to Remove YouTube Windows Phone app.

It’s not even been that long since the YouTube app for Windows Phone was released and for a few reasons Google isn’t happy. According to The Verge who have obtained a copy of a letter sent from Google, they want the app removed.

Nintendo Looking for Smartphone Developers to Work on Wii U

A recent report has shown that Nintendo is looking to pull smartphone developers over to the Wii U platform.
X Phone Side-by-Side

Motorola Phone Sketch Bares A Striking Resemblance To The Previously Leaked...

For you mobile fans that come to n3rdabl3, you are going to love this tidbit of news that I have to bring you. According to an article at TechCrunch, it looks like Motorola Mobility left behind some documents at the FCC, which are open to view here. What is interesting is that the documents, which have the model number of XT1058, contain the provided picture in this article, which looks a lot like the leaked images of Motorola's X Phone that were leaked back in March.
Shared storage copy

It’s All Coming Together: 15 GB Shared Storage for Gmail, Drive...

In order to create a more seamless experience amongst their products, Google has announced it will soon implement a shared storage system for Gmail, Drive, and Google+ photos.

Google I/O: Google+ Hangouts Get’s the Revamp it Needs

Following on from a few rumours that Google were going to be releasing a unified chat platform have today been confirmed. Set to be release as the new Hangouts complete with a new Hangout app to support it.
designed for tablets

Google I/O: Google Play Store getting a ‘designed for tablets’ top...

Due to the continued growing popularity of Android tablets Google have finally gone ahead with putting a ‘designed for tablets’ section in the top charts. This will work across all the different categories and help those tablet users find apps that use all their devices power.

Google I/O: Google to launch Android Studio, IDE for building apps.

Google certainly rocked the developer world yesterday with their latest announcement in the form of Android Studio.

Google I/O: Google+ to get a new design and hashtags.

Fresh out of Google I/O the latest for Google+ is that it’s going to be getting a much need visual make over in both the user interface and a brand new feature which intelligently and automatically hashtag's your Google+ post.
google io

Google I/O: 900 Million Android Activations, 48 Billion App Installs

Google I/O is well under way and way before any announcement was officially made the first huge bit of news was announced and that was that Android device activations have reached 900 million as of 2013 and around 48 Billion apps have been installed across different Android devices.

Google I/O: Google unveils Samsung Galaxy S 4 with stock Android...

Have you been holding out on getting a new phone lately? Well good news as Google has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be releasing June 26th with stock Android Jelly Bean. Additionally the phone will come unlocked and rocking LTE support for AT&T and T-Mobile. It will also be packing 16GB of storage along with, so long as Google keeps it’s promises, prompt system updates...
GRiD 2

Brand New GRiD 2 Drift Trailer & Track List Announcement

With only two weeks left until the launch of GRiD 2 we've been given another treat in the form of the third part of the World Series Racing video which showcases three more of the games various race types. Along with this we've also been given the huge list of tracks that'll be starring in the new game.
nexus 4 -2

Android 4.3 Pops Up on Developer Website

With the start of Google I/O only around 30 minutes away Android 4.3 has been sort of confirmed thanks to a search listing for Android 4.3 that has appeared on Google's Developer website.
GALAXY Core Product Image (1)

Samsung Announces Galaxy Core. A New Mid-Level Handset.

Samsung are known for pushing out new phones and they are keeping with that as they announce the Galaxy Core. A brand new mid range handset with a 4.3-inch screen.

TuneIn Radio App Now Lets You Buy Directly from Google Play

Those of you who are a fan of the radio streaming app TuneIn may have noticed an update recently but nothing too noticeable in the UI. Don't you just hate that? Well it turns out the latest update now lets you buy the songs you hear from Google Play!

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